10 Places For Elvis Presley Fans to Visit

Elvis Presley needs no introduction. The King of Rock-n-Roll has left his mark on America and the world, so it’s no surprise that there are many US destinations that still feel his presence. 

In addition to Memphis, which is the obvious choice for many Presley fans, we’ve gathered the top 10 places for Elvis Presley fans to visit in the US – with a couple of international surprises sprinkled in. 

10 Places for Elvis Presley fans to visit

1. The Birthplace of Elvis: Tupelo, Mississippi

To begin our journey, we’re taking it back to where it all started. Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, and Elvis fans can visit his modest childhood home where he lived until the age of 13, built by his father and refurbished to look exactly as it once did while Elvis lived there.

Some other things you can check out while in Mississippi are the Birthplace Museum which focuses on Elvis’ early life and the Assembly of God Pentecostal Church where Elvis was first introduced to gospel music.

For die-hard fans, visit during the Tupelo Elvis Festival.

Graceland- top places for Elvis Presley fans to visit
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2. Memphis is a must

The most obvious destination for Elvis Presley fans is Memphis. We’ve all heard of Graceland, the Presley family’s eccentric mansion complete with the famous Jungle Room. And if you’re a true Elvis fan, you’ve likely already toured the property. But, there are other spots in Memphis that also deserve a visit.

Stay at the Guest House at Graceland, a 450-room hotel which was designed, in part, by Priscilla, by converting the kitschy Heartbreak Hotel where fans used to frequent. It’s full of subtle design touches created as an ode to Elvis that only his fans would notice.

Sun Studios, where Elvis got his big break is also in Memphis and be sure to ask for the corner booth at Arcade Restaurant where Elvis himself used to sit and eat his favorite PB&Js. 

3. Viva Las Vegas

The king used to frequent the Sahara Hotel in the ‘60s, which no longer exists, and would perform in his iconic bedazzled jumpsuit at the International Hotel throughout the ‘70s – now known as the Westgate Hotel. 

Elvis and Priscilla were married at the Aladdin Hotel, now Planet Hollywood, which makes it safe to say that the Las Vegas strip has a lot of Elvis history.

Although you can’t visit these original hotels in all their glory anymore, you can check out Little Church of the West where Presley married Ann-Margaret in “Viva Las Vegas.”

Pro tip: If you’re making the rounds to Elvis hot-spots, drop off your bags at a Vegas luggage storage shop first. You’re bound to find some side trips to check out, and it’s a lot easier to navigate Las Vegas if you’re not carrying extra gear or shopping bags.

4. House of Tomorrow in Palm Springs

House of Tomorrow is a midcentury home in Palm Springs, California where Priscilla and Elvis were set to be married. But, the media caught wind of their secret plans and they ended up tying the knot in Vegas.

However, the couple returned to the house for their honeymoon. Today, it’s known as the Honeymoon House and offers tours of the property. 

From Palm Springs, if you plan to check out Los Angeles, stay at the Beverley Wilshire. Elvis and his crew took over two floors of the hotel in the ‘60s while he filmed his string of movies at Paramount Studios. Eventually, they were thrown out for being too disruptive. So rock-n-roll!

While you’re in LA, make your way to see Elvis Presley’s star on the Hollywood Walk to Fame.

5. Aloha from Hawaii

Elvis loved Hawaii – and Hawaii loved him back. The king filmed three movies in Hawaii and spent most vacations in the tropical paradise. He also helped to raise money for the Pearl Harbor Memorial there and recorded “Aloha from Hawaii” in Honolulu in 1973. 

The televised concert reached 1.5 billion people in 40 countries and solidified the connection between Elvis and Hawaii in our minds. There’s even a bronze statue of Elvis outside the concert venue.

6. Army Buzz in Arkansas

Two and half hours away from Little Rock, Arkansas is Fort Chaffee, a World War II Army base and the spot where countless fans flocked to see Elvis receive his Army haircut on March 25, 1958, when the rock-n-roll icon first enlisted.

In 2008, the building was restored to become the Chaffee Barber Shop Museum, officially opening in 2009. You’ll see the original barbershop pole, photos taken on the day Elvis had his iconic sideburns shaved, and you can even get an Army buzz from Jimmy Don Peterson, son of James Peterson who gave Elvis his fateful haircut.

7. Private Presley in Germany

Speaking of Elvis’ time in the Army, you can visit the spots where Private Presley was stationed in Ray Barracks near Bad Nauheim in Germany. You can visit two of his residences there – a floor a Hotel Grunewald and No. 14 Goethestrasse. 

8. Le Lido in Paris

Again, during his time in the Army, Elvis and his friends would travel through Europe, usually deciding to spend a weekend away in Paris where they’d frequent the famous cabarets that still exist today.

They’d all stay in a top-floor suite at the Prince de Galles Hotel and watch the show at Folies Bergere before heading to Le Lido to see the beautiful bluebell showgirls perform. Apparently, he even got on stage to sing. It was Elvis’ only performance in Europe. 

9. Mini Graceland in Virginia

Don Epperley of Roanoke, Virginia takes Elvis Presley super fandom to a whole new level. He constructed a scaled-down version of Graceland, as well as Elvis’ childhood home, performance halls where the king had entertained audiences, and even the Elvis Presley Car Museum. 

Epperley’s shrine to Elvis started to fall away in the ‘90s when he became sick, but thanks to community support, Mini Graceland still stands and welcomes visitors. 

10. Everything Elvis Museum in Georgia

Moving further south, the Everything Elvis Museum in Cornelia, Georgia was created by another Presley superfan, Joni Mabe. Her collection features 30,000 interesting items, even including one of Elvis’ warts and an alleged toenail. 

Still, if you’re not into the weird, stalker-type stuff, Mabe has also collected newspaper clippings, fan art, and Elvis-themed housewares. It’s worth a visit.



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