Finding The Perfect Fragrance For Winter Holidays

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They say any OOTD or seasonal getup you have for any season will not be complete without a signature scent to match it. Wearing perfume may not be as trendy as it was in the past, yet it still makes a huge difference to individuals with a strong sense of self.

As a general rule, your choice of fragrances must be well-suited not only to the occasion but also to the season. It makes your personal style more distinct and cohesive.

Practically speaking, sticking to a single type of fragrance to use as your personality’s trademark may seem like a good idea. However, if you look closely at how people adjust their clothing, beverage, and flavor choices according to each season, then what difference does it make with perfumes?

For beginners and perfume lovers alike, here is a quick guide for picking the best winter-themed fragrance to add to your collection:

Eau de parfum vs cologne

Did you know that fragrances tend to stick to your body for longer periods during the winter season? Compared to warmer seasons like summer and spring, your body sweats less frequently. As such, the scent does not get mixed with your body’s natural oils and the different notes in the perfume stand out more.

Between an Eau de parfum and cologne, the former is the better choice for a winter fragrance. Eau de parfums (EDP) are more highly concentrated than colognes. EDP contains over 15-20% of oil, while cologne comprises at most 4%.  EDP’s high oil concentration levels are the secret behind its long-lasting scent.

Get inspired

Some accompanying themes to consider for a winter scent include fire, warmth, and comfort. Winter is all about cozying up at home, sitting by the bonfire, drinking hot chocolate or champagne, eating smores, and wrapping yourself around a big and fuzzy blanket.

Since the scent will stick to you for several hours, it should evoke positive feelings and a sense of home. 

If you prefer more daring scents, then winter fragrances are perfect for you. Sensuality is also best represented by notes and fragrances designed for colder climates. Exquisite perfumes make for a great Christmas gift for your beau.

Notes and moods

Although the center point of a winter-appropriate scent is the season itself, that shouldn’t stop you from adding your preferred notes and aesthetics into the mix. Take advantage of the fact that fragrances last longer during the cold months.

That said, you should explore earthy notes and woody tones. Warm notes complement the sharp and snowy atmosphere. You can also pair earthy and woody notes with hints of spicy elements such as cinnamon, orange blossom, sandalwood, and amber. Honey, benzoin, and patchouli are also excellent choices.

Not a huge fan of musky and heavy scents? Balance the prominent base notes of these tones with a blend of citrus fragrances.

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Explore perfume brands

The price only comes second when it comes to purchasing the perfect winter perfume. Keep imported and famous perfume brands on your list, but don’t limit your options to expensive products. Check out other shops and local brands that offer scents with the same quality level.

After all, the perfume you pick becomes a part of enhancing your distinct identity and style. It wouldn’t be ideal to follow trends blindly, especially if it does not represent your aesthetic 100%.

Test before buying

Don’t just be satisfied with trying to sniff or catch a whiff of the perfume from the bottle and then call it a day. Spray a small amount of the perfume on your wrist. Take a moment to smell the scent and if you are not quite satisfied with it, test another selection.

When testing multiple scents, make sure that the perfumes will not overlap on your skin. Spritz each fragrance on a different part of your arm to keep the scents from blending.

You can also try spraying the product on your sleeve, handkerchief, or scarf to compare and determine which brand will stick the longest to your clothes. 

Possible allergic reactions to a fragrance’s ingredient are also one of the reasons why you need to test different scents first. In case you feel itchiness or see rashes forming on the skin where you tested the perfume, seek the help of a medical professional right away.

Pro-tip: Inquire if the shop offers sample versions of your preferred perfumes. In this manner, you can carry these samples with you at home and have more time to assess which fragrance suits you best.

Wear it with confidence!

After successfully checking all your winter essentials for the most suitable fragrance, there is one final component you must not forget: Confidence!

Feel comfortable in your skin and your perfume preferences, and you will surely turn heads everywhere you go.

Finding The Perfect Fragrance For Winter Holidays

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