Are You Paying Too Much For Cosmetics?

As bills go up, you might be looking to cut down on some things. Perhaps you feel you’re paying too much for cosmetics, hair, and style. Here are some ways to cut costs and still look good.

Are You Paying Too Much For Cosmetics?

5 Ways To Cut Cost On Cosmetics

Buy Better Brands

OK, so this sounds counterintuitive to saving money. But don’t click out just yet. The cosmetics industry is worth billions per year, and top brands like Bobbi Brown charge a premium. But there’s a good reason for this.

When you buy top skincare brands from sites like The Iconic, you get quality. And quality cosmetics last longer and do a much better job than standard products. Additionally, many standard products require more application for an inferior job. So it’s much more cost-effective to buy quality in the first place rather than constantly replacing others.

Use Cheaper Makeup for Everyday Things

In contrast, you may not want to look your best every god-given minute of the day. Popping to the local store for baby milk doesn’t require you to look like you’re going on your first date in years. And even going to work doesn’t need to be a fashion show. So you can perhaps buy cheaper brands for those days that just don’t need your most expensive mascara. Standard makeup will do an adequate job for every day. So you can make your top-quality cosmetics last much longer for special occasions. Unless, of course, there’s someone you want to impress.

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Switch to Organic Cleansers

Organic products are becoming more popular in the cosmetics industry. However, they still only account for around 20% of total cosmetic sales. This is a shame since they are much better for your skin and cost far less in the long run. In addition, organic cleansers last much longer:

  • Organic soap.
  • Organic shampoo bars.
  • Organic conditioner bars.

Being in bar form means more product is compressed into a specific area than you can get in a standard liquid bottle. As a result, organic bar cleansers last up to four times longer than their liquid counterparts and only cost a fraction more to buy in-store.

Become a Duper

OK, so this sounds a little contradictory to the first point. But you can save money by also buying cheaper products known as “dupes”. Dupes are products that are made almost identical but not copies of more established brands. These are not fakes.

Instead, they are products that look and act like your favorite, more prominent brands. The reason why dupes are becoming popular is that they often come from the same manufacturer and are of almost similar quality. In addition, they are typically cheaper because the dupe brand doesn’t have to pay for advertising.

Learn to Style Your Own Hair

You might think it’s too difficult to style your own hair. But it really isn’t that challenging. And when you learn how to do it, you can save a lot of money. Especially if you have a family. You might make mistakes or take a long time when cutting your own hair at first. But it becomes pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

From there, you can invest in some styling products. These are expensive initially, but they save a ton of money and pay for themselves within a year. And if you can’t do it yourself, you can have fun with friends styling each others’ hair.


You could be paying too much for cosmetics. Fortunately, you can reduce the costs when buying quality products, switching to organic bars, and styling your own hair.

5 Ways To Cut Cost On Cosmetics

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