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Most family-orientated people will agree with the notion that being able to pass down items of jewellery to family members is an integral part of building a real connection between all the generations of the immediate or extended family members. Of course, what we should do with an antique pocket watch from the 18th century or an antique item of jewellery before we give it to one of our children or a sibling’s dependence is a mystery to so many people in Australia and other parts of the world. One thing is for sure though, there are plenty of reputable companies in Australia able to provide some really exquisite timepieces of bygone eras or Art Deco jewellery.


importance of family heirlooms


Special Memories

Parents that plan to pass on one or a number of items of jewellery to their children should take the time to consider which sorts of chains or rings that would appeal to their kids. Indeed, although we may think that all children will take real good care of the heirlooms they are given, some items may end up being put away and out of sight for good. Kalmar Antiques has on offer antique rings and getting to look at their items, as well as their other jewellery and watches, should steer us in the right direction in terms of the kinds of heirlooms that would be difficult to not display proudly in one of our cabinets at home.

With regard to ensuring our heirlooms are given the care they deserve by our kids, it is essential to learn just what sorts of things the children are interested in. What this means to say is that there is no point passing down a Victorian timepiece to our son or daughter who has absolutely no interest in these sorts of things or the time period, for that matter. However, what many parents will do when considering what are the more popular types of heirlooms is look online for articles providing relevant information.


Some of the more common heirlooms given to family members are shown here:

  • Recipe books
  • Various items of jewellery
  • Classic or vintage cars
  • Family Bibles
  • Antique furniture

 antique rings

Antique Rings 

Although plenty of Australian women will prefer to have a wedding ring designed and made to their specifications for the big day, lots of brides-to-be would love to wear the wedding ring of their beloved grandmother long after she has passed away. Indeed, it is certainly not uncommon for women in possession of these sorts of heirlooms to count the days when they can finally put on the engagement band their grandmother or great grandmother wore before she got married all those years ago.





However, people who are not too clear on the importance of creating a family heirloom with items of jewellery should spend some time scouring the internet for the sorts of websites that may be able to shine a light on this all too common dilemma in Australia. Without doubt, if you want to know more about the importance of tangible memories such as jewellery heirlooms, there are articles you can find online.  And if you are in a position to pass on an item of jewellery that either belongs to you or was once a treasured possession of your parents, you should know what to do.

Although keeping photos of grandparents and other family members that have passed away is one way to hold on to some of the memories we have of them, there is something so much more comforting about being in possession of an item of jewellery that had once belonged to these loved ones.


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