Overcoming Hurdles In Your Relationship

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Every relationship comes up against some obstacles at some point or another. Life isn’t always smooth sailing and you will have to work hard to make any relationship work.

What’s most important is that you’re happier much more of the time than you’re unhappy – that things are going well much more often than they’re going badly. If things are this way, smaller hurdles can generally be overcome to leave you and your partner happy once more.

Here are just a few different things to focus on to ensure that you always make the best decisions and make the best out of every situation for both you and your partner!

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Only get into a relationship with someone who wants the same things as you

So many people get into relationships with people who want completely different things in life from them. When it comes down to it, these relationships won’t work in the long run, as at least one partner will always be left dissatisfied and divergences in wants and needs can cause friction, tension and ongoing arguments.

If one partner definitely wants children and the other definitely doesn’t, it’s inevitable that the relationship will eventually make one or the other unhappy.

If one wants to stay where they are and the other wants to move far away, things probably won’t work. If one has strongly held beliefs or values that completely contradict the other’s, there are going to be difficulties.

So, in the first place, only get into relationships with those who are genuinely on a relatively similar page when it comes to grand life decisions!

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Consider whether issues can be overcome

If issues begin to establish themselves in your relationship, it’s important to analyse the severity of each and determine whether they can be overcome.

Certain problematic behaviour, such as violence or mental or emotional manipulation should never be tolerated and you should seek to remove yourself from the relationship as quickly and safely as possible.

Some behaviour, such as porn addiction, can be altered through counselling and therapy. Some can change simply by you expressing your concerns about it. You need to weigh up the severity of problems and determine whether they can actually be overcome.

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Determine whether things are getting better

Sometimes, people change their behaviour for the better, only to quickly slip back into old habits. If someone’s behaviour really doesn’t change, you may need to call things a day, as the relationship will slowly turn into you nagging them. If things are getting better, that’s great! You should continue in a positive direction!

These are just a few areas to focus on when you’re deciding whether you can overcome hurdles in your relationship or not. Some can be surmounted. Some can’t.

What’s important is that you always maintain a level of self respect and that you take action if things aren’t going in a healthy and positive direction. Hopefully, some of the above guidance will be able to steer you in the right direction!


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