Outside Additions That Won’t Annoy Your Neighbours

We all want to stay on the right side of neighbors, don’t we? Community spirit may be a thing of the past. But ‘love thy neighbor’ still has standing. After all, these people could make your life hell if you cross them. In fact, it isn’t unusual for neighborly disputes to lead to house moves in the long-run.

So, we do our best to shout hello and smile each time we see them. And, we ensure our lifestyles don’t encroach on their happiness. Which can make things difficult when it comes to perfecting the exterior of our homes.

There are no two ways around it. External work can often annoy the people living next door. Not only does it often involve noise, but it’s also something they then have to look at. And if they don’t like the changes you’ve made, even the most amicable neighbors can become difficult.

For this reason, you may have avoided doing external work until now. But, the outside of your house deserves to look as beautiful as the inside. And, to help you achieve the goal in peace, we’re going to look at three alterations which are unlikely to annoy the neighbors.

New hedges

Opting for something which benefits next door is a fantastic way around neighborly disputes. After all, it’s difficult to see them objecting if you’re forking out and they’re gaining. One such option would be to install new hedges. It’s incredible how much damage a shabby fence can do to overall appearance. And, your neighbors have to put up with that nasty fence, too. Bear in mind that issues like these often come down to shared ownership. You’ll need to discuss all plans before proceeding. But, let’s be honest; it’s unlikely they’ll object.

Natural siding

Another option would be to go all natural with your siding. Again, this is a home feature which falls foul to age. Dirty or dated sliding can do real damage to appearance. Yet, updating with something loud and garish is sure to set neighbors on edge. You would be making your home somewhat of an eyesore. But, if you go subtle with natural options like the wood siding offered by Siding and Windows Group, there’s less chance of ruffling feathers. Instead of standing out, your home will blend into its surroundings. And, it’ll probably look pretty good doing it.

A grand entrance

You might be wondering when you can make your mark on the place. After all, pleasing the neighbors can only go so far. You still want a home which suits your style. That’s where your main entrance door comes in. This is an aspect of your home which has no standing on the houses around you. And, it’s a fantastic opportunity to make your mark. Something as simple as a colored option is sure to look great. Or, you could go all out with a specially designed choice. Either way, this is an amicable and easy way to show the street what you’re about.

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