What Not To Buy When You Are Expecting

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Putting together a baby registry is one of the difficult things to do for first time moms. You can’t tell what you will need from what you wouldn’t need. And you end up buying stuff you wouldn’t even use for anything.

Let’s face it, anything baby is adorable. If you enter a baby shop you might end up buying everything because they are all so cute and adorable. Especially with baby clothes.

One thing you should bear in mind when purchasing baby clothes is that babies grow so fast. Especially in the first few weeks. So if you buy clothes in newborn size, your baby is not going to fit in those in like 2 weeks.

So it is advisable to get just a few newborn sized clothes. You can even skip the newborn sizes and buy sizes that your baby can wear much longer before they outgrow them.


If you are wondering what not to buy for baby, then keep reading.

5 Things Not To Buy For baby

Baby shoes

This is simple. Shoes are for walking. Babies don’t walk. So no shoes for baby. I know, baby shoes are so cute but your baby doesn’t need them. Socks will do just fine. It will keep your baby’s feet warm. No need to invest in a shoe when your baby isn’t going to walk in them.

Baby powder

Powders can cause respiratory problems when baby inhales it. So it isn’t advisable to use powder on baby. Instead there are creams you can use on your baby’s bum to prevent diaper rash like the zinc and castor oil cream. I use this cream for my girls and it works great. Apply a little amount on baby’s bum every time you change their diaper. Vaseline works great to prevent nappy rash too.

If your baby develops rashes too, whether on the face, bum or any part of their body, try sudocrem or aquaphor healing ointment. It is a magic diaper rash cream. Baby rashes are usually no cause for alarm. So you don’t have to worry about it. A good diaper rash cream will work great.


Wipes warmer

A little cold wipe on your baby’s bum won’t do any harm to your baby. You don’t really need a wipes warmer. Most of the wipes warmers end up drying up the wipes anyway.

Diaper genie

Diaper genie is basically a trash can that can seal odour. So you won’t smell the dirty diaper when you use a diaper genie. But is it really something worth buying? For me, I would say your ordinary trash can is cool. All you have to do is take out the trash very often and not pile it up like you would with the diaper genie. This way, it wouldn’t stink up the place.

Baby food processor

When it’s time for baby weaning, a baby food processor isn’t a necessity. You can just use your normal food processor or blender when preparing baby’s meals. They all do the same job.

Although these products are nice to have, they are not must haves for your baby. So if you are having a baby on a budget and want to cut down costs as much as possible, then these are some of the products you don’t need to buy.

what not to buy for baby

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    I’m so happy you shared this! My sisters complain that I do not have enough items on my baby registry, but there are so many things that are really not needed. Have a lovely day!
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