You’re looking around your home and considering all the little things that could be improved, all the little cracks that could be filled, the walls that need repainting and the floorboards that could do with sanding down.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of jobs that we need to do in our homes and let’s face it, once you start looking you start finding more and more.

But you don’t need to feel overwhelmed into paralysis. There’s no better time than now to start making some interior goals and make plans for better, fresher rooms that reflect your unique style. So where do you start?

refreshing your home

 At the beginning: plan and plan again, starting with your budget. If you’re looking at just refreshing one room, then you’re in luck all your budget is going to get spent here but if you’re dividing your money out around your property, pick the room you spend most of your time in to start.

Lifestyle bloggers across the web will tell you that this will bring you most joy after you’ve completed step one of your redecorating odyssey.

Generally speaking we’re talking about your living room. So start by dividing tasks into the things you can do yourself and the things that even with your amazing skills, you’ll need to call in the professionals for.

Then create a logical order, walls happen over floors and all that has to be done before you can consider refreshing your furniture and adding those stylish final touches. You can get walls ready by washing away any grime, removing screws and nails, filling and sanding holes and rough patches, ready for the painting to begin.

minimalistic home decor
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Next you’ll need to schedule in some time for your professionals to start work. Shop around and get quotes, don’t settle for the first price you’re given and make sure you find someone you ‘click’with, who really gets what you want to do and the style you’re working towards.

After all the craziness of the work has subsided you might want to schedule a clean up team to come and rid your living space of all the dust and mess.  ServiceMaster suggests covering as much as of your furniture as possible before any work starts to restrict how much time you’ll spend cleaning afterwards. 

After you’re done with the larger jobs,it’s time to sit back and browse your favorite lifestyle bloggers for fresh ideas around furniture and fittings, if your budget allows.


Think big, think detail, think creatively but don’t be afraid to think differently. You’ve been staring at those same old colours and shapes for quite long enough. So now’s the time to make a mark and stamp your style on your living space.

Follow some of our guidelines, do the research, set the budget and get the very best professionals you can afford in to transform your house into a sanctuary and relax knowing all those little cracks and bumps are no longer going to drive you mad.

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