Our kitchens are at the heart of our homes, and often represent the most social room in the house – where we decompress with our families after a hard day and see our friends. So it’s little wonder that a beautiful kitchen is at the top of most of our interiors wish lists. But whether you’re looking to perk up your existing scheme with a few extra touches, or completely renovating the space, it pays to know what’s current. Either creating a family kitchen for your own enjoyment or adding value to make selling your home easier, it’s a worthwhile process if you get the details right.

kitchen trends that will last
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Add In A Hint of Colour

Our kitchens have been primarily neutral since the 70s. But now the tide is beginning to turn against minimalism, and the hottest kitchens right now are rediscovering colour. Vibrant schemes are top of the charts, from pops of bright yellow used as an accent colour, to full-on clashes. Or owners can choose to go dark and moody to create a more intimate feel, with dark blue gaining in popularity as a colour choice for units.

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Lighting The Way

Layering in several types of lighting remains key to create a sophisticated look that can adapt to your changing needs and the different purposes that you use your kitchen for. Concealed and recessed lighting, such as under cabinet lighting and LED strip lights illuminate the work surfaces for food preparation and provide a luxurious touch. This can easily be combined with statement industrial pendant lighting and also a few strategically placed down lighters to create a harmonious scheme with impact that can easily switch from intimate entertainment to family fun times.


Statement Shelving

The trend for maximalism can also be seen in the return of visible storage. Such as open shelving units, where the utensils and plates themselves create the display, rather than hiding it all behind cupboards or sleek panelled drawers. It also gives you a chance to incorporate natural greenery such as banks of herbs or even houseplants. Floor to ceiling units are also another key trend that can provide extra space in more compact kitchens. As we all become more aware of food sources, we like to display that expensive Cornish sea salt we bought at the farmer’s market for all to see!

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Return of the Handle

While concealed fastening and touch-close have been all the rage in kitchen design. 2018 sees the return of the handle. And this time, they’re opulent affairs. A humble chrome drawer pull will no longer suffice. Now patterned vintage ceramic handles and ornate copper designs are taking center stage. Many are searching for a unique twist by repurposing vintage handles on new units to give a special touch. This in turn is fueling a rise in other copper kitchen accessories including kettles, toasters and storage canisters. People are definitely searching for an alternative to standard chrome.

With the introduction of a few simple design touches, you can bring your decor up to the minute and create a welcoming and on-trend ambiance.

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kitchen trends that will last


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