Debunking The Myths Of Wooden Exteriors

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Wood. We can’t get enough of it. And, it’s no surprise. As well as looking fresh and fancy, wood decor is a fantastic way to bring the outdoors in. Forget houseplants hidden in corners. Wooden floors and beams in the home bring nature right into the heart of your haven.

But, one thing’s missing from all this wood-based love. No one’s talking about the benefits wood could also bring to our exteriors. It seems strange given many of us harbor secret dreams of a log cabin in the woods.

Yet, wood still seems sadly lacking outside most homes. While specific eco-friendly’ houses make use of this, the trend stops there. And, when you look a little harder, the reason for this soon becomes clear. For the most part, we keep wood inside because of various rumors. Far too many of us believe scandalous claims about what would happen if we took wood outside. But, we’re here to debunk the myths and help you towards a wood-based future.


Wood doesn’t last

We all buy into the myth that wood doesn’t last. This is a material which has the ability to rot. Hence why we keep it inside where it’s safe from issues like damp. We opt for iron fences over wooden ones, and shingle siding instead of wooden options. But, the madness ends today. There’s no reason wood can’t last as long as any other material. You just need to consider your options. Some woods are bad choices. But, something like the cedar siding offered by the siding installation company, Lifetime Exteriors is sure to last. Cedarwood is strong, and correct installation ensures a long lifespan. The same rules apply for things such as wooden fencing. There’s no reason that fence needs to rot, especially not if it’s made from pine or other such strong choices.

Wood doesn’t weather well

Another myth is the fact that wood doesn’t weather well. A strange claim when you consider trees withstand the weather every day. Of course, wood for exteriors is cut and exposed more than, say, an oak tree. But, again, knowledge is all you need to get by. It’s entirely possible to keep wood waterproof. There are plenty of wood water sealants on the market which offer a great deal of protection. It’s also worth noting that painting your wood is about the best thing you can do to protect it from the elements. Keep on top of things here, and the weather won’t get a look in.

Wooden exteriors are an eyesore

Many people would also have you believe that wooden interiors are an eyesore. And, there’s no denying that wood can get green and stained over time. But, consider that this is a natural material. No matter what condition it gets in over time, it is sure to blend better with your surroundings than plastic ever could. Besides, there’s no reason for your wood to look dirty in the slightest if you take care of the above two pointers first.


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