Moving into Your First Apartment: How To Get It Right

Virtually everyone will leave their childhood home at one point to stay in a new apartment. It’s all a matter of when. You could leave home because of college, work, marriage, or any of several other reasons. And there are always a lot of things to do when moving into your first apartment.

Chances are you’re anxious about what to buy, what you need vs. what you want, how to design your interior and transform it into the kinds you see on Pinterest, and finding the right home security UK. Don’t fret. Just take a deep breath.

This article will guide you on dos and don’ts when moving into an apartment for the first time.

Things to do when moving into an apartment for the first time

Things to do when moving into an apartment for the first time

1. Save up

Before moving into your first apartment, prepare by saving up a considerable amount of money. That’s because you’d have so many things to spend on — not just the rent or lease, but also furniture, TV, and several other home accessories. You would also need money to pay for conveying large-sized accessories like furniture into your apartment. Now’s the time to make a budget you can stick to.

2. Ensure the location suits your needs or style

When moving into a new apartment, you’d be faced with several or few choices. The following considerations should help you make your pick:

  • The apartment’s proximity to your workplace and other places you’d frequently visit
  • Proximity to shops, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.
  • Availability of recreational and entertainment spots
  • Transport network
  • Safety

3. Check the condition of the property

If you’re renting an apartment, then you intend to leave after some time. It’s advisable to check the condition of the property to identify damages. Take photos or videos of such damages so you can present them when leaving the apartment to avoid paying for damages you didn’t cause.

4. Find out the rules

Many locations and apartments have rules that must be observed by residents within and around. It could include the latest time to come in or go out at night, rules regarding noise and use of speakers, etc.

5. Move in with only what you need

You’d have a lot of clothes and stuff with you, but so many of them are now junk. To avoid moving with excess luggage that would attract more cost, sort out your belongings and discard whatever isn’t needed anymore.

You can sell or donate the unneeded stuff if they’re still useful.

6. Get the essentials first

When moving into an apartment for the first time, you likely wouldn’t have anything besides your clothes and personal belongings. So you’d have a lot to buy to make your space functional and comfortable.

After moving into your new apartment, purchase only those essentials first, such as chairs and tables, lighting, kitchen accessories, curtains, mattress, toiletries, and cleaning items. Gas, water, and electricity are also essential. Things like TV and other electrical gadgets, shelves, and wardrobes can come later. Trying to get everything all at once will cut a huge hole in your wallet unless you’ve already set money aside for all of them.

When buying your stuff, chances are you’d realize you need to buy even more items than you listed out. Whatever isn’t essential can wait.

7. Hire helping hands to move items

Furniture and other heavy items will likely pose a challenge to move into your new apartment, especially when it’s floors above. Do ask for help if you can find one. Better still, hire a moving company to avoid ruining valuable items yourself. Some oddly shaped items may not fit through the door or elevator, but a professional moving company will typically have a way around such things.

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8. Make the apartment move-in ready before moving in

Moving in involves bringing in your stuff, however small or big they are. It isn’t great to start cleaning or painting when all your belongings and furniture are already arranged. It’s more efficient to do all of that when the apartment is still virtually empty. Also, carry out any repairs before bringing in your things.

9. Create your heaven on earth

After getting all your furniture and essentials, it’s time to start organizing your apartment to make it a home indeed. Bring your spirit into the place. Arrange items in their best possible positions, use colorful curtains that work well with your furniture and painting, use artistic rugs, cozy cushions, photographs, and air plants to create a welcoming feel.

Enjoy your new space!

3 Things not to do when moving into an apartment for the first time

Things not to do when moving into an apartment for the first time

1. Don’t try to get it set all at once

As much as you’d want to make your home a heaven on earth immediately, you probably can’t afford it all in one swoop. As already discussed, get only the essentials first and get the rest little by little later. The truth is, there’d always be something more to buy. Do not rush so that you can figure out what you really need and want.

2.  Don’t be afraid to seek help

Let’s not try to mince words: moving into a new apartment is stressful. You may feel like someone crushed under a trailer when you’re done, but that’s if you try to do it all by yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask a neighbor, sibling, or friend for help. It will be easier plus it’ll also be more fun. Your helper can even suggest better ideas on where to place certain items for the best artistic effect.

3. Don’t pick an apartment in a hurry

When moving into an apartment for the first time, you may not be able to get your dream home immediately, but you can still get one just good enough. It only takes patience to sift among your options.

Don’t be in a hurry and settle for an apartment that doesn’t suit your lifestyle, is situated in an undesirable location, is too expensive, or doesn’t provide safety and comfort as you’d want. Remember, once you pay, you’d have to cope with your choice for the rest of the lease or rent period. So you just have to be critical with your choice.

Bottom line

It takes care, planning, and patience to get the apartment of your dreams. Remember that Rome was not built in a day. When moving into a new apartment for the first time, take things one step at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself, and you’ll find that in due time, it’s all you ever wanted.


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