Many articles have been written about moving across the country. They will often teach you how to prepare for the move, and how to cope during the long haul drive. They might teach you how to take care of your home before leaving, or how to say final goodbyes to your neighbors in style. It’s likely that you know most of this information in the first place.

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However, how many guides have tried to teach you helpful methods of settling into the new home. from the moment your first step crosses the threshold of your home? We’d suggest that these tips can help you unwind from a long and stressful move. A time that likely gave you plenty of stress.

With the following advice, you could settle into your home effectively and efficiently:


1. Labels

The movers transporting your belongings will need to know what rooms in which to place your boxes. In order to help them achieve this, labelling certain boxes for certain rooms can help them simply figure it out themselves. Rather than having to dictate every little movement they make within your new household. This means you can then focus on the latter part of the payment, or signing the contract for a job well done.

Also, remember that you will need to unpack these boxes. If you haven’t previously packed according to room, short term and long-term items. You will have little access to the items you need right now and likely find yourself in a small stressful situation. It’s always best not to spend the first day in your new home shouting about how you can’t find the kettle, so be sure to label in advance.

2. Refreshment

It might not be the case that you cook your first day in the new home. Give yourself a break – you have likely driven for miles to get here. Treat yourself to good food, either through takeout or heading to a local eatery. This can help you gain a little energy after the fatiguing road trip and effort bringing all your belongings to the home. Also, this time can also have left you feeling quite dehydrated, especially with the physical work of lifting goods. Be sure to take care of your health and the health of your children for a pleasant first moving day.

3. Essentials

It might be that you haven’t visited this home since your pre-inspection visit a few weeks prior. This might mean that the homeowner has made subtle changes before they left. Ensure the inventory of your household was as you were promised, and the owner hasn’t left with furniture they promised to gift you.

Also, consider finding the water source, the electrical box and inspect the plumbing quickly just to make sure movements or last minute inspections haven’t impeded their fair use. Without the willingness to ensure this is taken care of, you might find yourself lacking in your essentials on the first day.

With this very simple yet very effective checklist, getting comfortable in your first day of the new home can help you begin things on the right footing.

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