Mono Or Duo-Chromatic Decors That Work

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What is your favourite interior style? Modern minimalist? Traditional rustic interior? Vibrant pop feeling? It doesn’t really matter what you prefer. Most homeowners will redecorate their home no less than 7 times on average throughout their lifetime. In other words, you’re welcome to change your mind and explore new style and design solutions.

In fact, more often than not, the first real decor investment homeowners make occurs a few months up to a year after moving into their new home. It’s the time when you’ve finally stopped living in cardboard boxes and settle in your home.

Then, you realise that your old furniture, accumulated through a long history of student accommodations and tenancy agreements, simple doesn’t fit your property.

All your life, as a homeowner, you try to use your decor as a natural extension of your personality and family life. Naturally, as nothing is set in stone, your interior keeps evolving.

But did you know that you didn’t need to break the bank to transform a room? Bringing new colours to your interior can dramatically change the atmosphere of a room, and, best of all, without using up too much of your savings.

Take a bold leap of faith and embrace the mono- or duo-chromatic style. Get your brushes at the ready!

Classical black and white

Is there a classier combination than black and white? It’s no wonder that fashion designers go back to this winning duo for elegant and stylish outfits. There’s a sense of Hollywood films from the glorious 1940s and 1950s in every black and white ensemble, and for many, it feels like receiving the personal blessing of a queen of style like Audrey Hepburn. You can create the same stylish ambience in the comfort of your own home, starting by your bedroom for instance.

The duo-chromatic combination is incredibly restful for the eyes and the mind, and, after all, what else would you want your bedroom to be? You can be playful with wall paint or wallpaper and a thick and soft carpet to bring your main colours to life.

For an elegant black and white touch in another room, you can style up your bathroom with monochrome tiles. Grandiosity and classiness guaranteed! Make sure to keep your towels in neutral colours too to create a full black and white universe. You’ll find it very gentle on the eyes, especially in a room that is used as often as the bathroom.

The touches of colour in a neutral decor

If black and white is a little too daring, you might find yourself being more comfortable in a neutral-coloured interior. Neutral tones have the advantage that they can work with any styles, whether you pick a modernist decor or whether you’re more of a rustic interior enthusiast. However; neutral doesn’t mean that there is no other choice than painting all your walls in Magnolia.

In fact, you can be playful while still creating a soft interior. Shale is a type of dark beige that sits just between the colour of a creamy latte and the one of an oatmeal cookie. Storm is a warm grey that works well with wooden furniture and metallic structures.

But the true secret of a successful neutral decor is to use natural colour accents, such as loose orchid blooms as table decoration when you have guests, for instance. A vase with bright flowers or a miniature zen garden can do the trick too when it comes to bringing natural buoyancy to the room.

Green only

Green might seem like a bold choice, but you’d be surprised to notice how well it fits inside your home. You can start with simple touches, such as painting your kitchen island in a bright green which you can pair with healthy eating too.

In fact, a green kitchen naturally inspires you to want to eat more vegetables and fruits, so if you’re looking to improve your diet, go for green paint! Pastel green is a fabulous colour to revive an old wardrobe or chest of drawers, and with chalk paint, you know that it’ll only be an afternoon work.

Green walls work well, especially with an aged effect in a living room or a reading corner. If you don’t want a plain effect, you can have a look for exquisite green wallpaper. An foliage wallpaper can be used as an accent wall, for instance.

Passionate red

If you’re the kind of person who needs passion, energy and warmth in life, red is about to become your best friend. Don’t be afraid of red rooms as with the right shade; you can create a stylish effect that doesn’t have to be right in your face.

For a Morocco-inspired decor, you can combine a dark scarlet with dark greys to tone it down with style. For a modern style that remains subtle give your bookshelf a red colour and let the magic operates.

In a dark neutral living room or home office, red bookshelves or red furniture can bring a new wave of energy to the room without being overpowering.

Dramatic purple for extra depth

Purple is often ignored when it comes to home decor. However, you’ll love the softness of its delicate hues. In a kitchen, purple adds a touch of nobility and elegance that can make everything taste better.

In fact, if you want to learn a new recipe, start by painting your kitchen cabinet purple, so you’ll feel more confident to try something new and complex. You can choose a deep purple to make a bold statement on a wall, but subtle touches with chalk paint on shelves or cabinet doors can do the trick too.

Happy yellow

The new yellow trend is rich, deep and deliciously vintage: Mustard. You can give your rooms a quirky feel simply by adding a mustard accent on a wall.

Don’t worry about making it fit your decor; mustard has the advantage to be a perfect match to almost anything from neutral to bright shades. If a wall feels too much, try painting your window and door frames instead.

Transform your home at a low cost and in no time: That’s the promise of a monochromatic or duo-chromatic colour accent. Will you pick black and white, yellow, green, or deep red? You decide!



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