5 Mistakes Buyers Make When Viewing A New Home

The viewing is an important part of the home-buying process. Only by looking around the property in person can you get a true feel for it. A viewing can also be an opportunity to ask questions and explore the neighborhood. Of course, there are certain things that you don’t want to do during a viewing. This post lists some of the biggest mistakes that buyers make when viewing a new home. 


Some mistakes buyers make when viewing a new home

Skipping the viewing entirely

Buying a home ‘unseen’ is incredibly risky and should be avoided in most cases. Obviously, if you’re buying a property that hasn’t been built yet, you won’t be able to view it, however, most developers like Bellriver Homes will still offer a display home to look around.

If you’re moving long-distance and you want to sort somewhere out to live before you move out, this may be a situation where you cannot afford to travel out and organize an in-person viewing.

However, you may still be able to arrange a viewing via video call – this won’t give you as full a picture as an in-person viewing, but it’s much safer than buying without making a viewing at all. 

Letting yourself be rushed

Sellers and agents may try to rush you during the viewing. This could be because they’re on a tight schedule or it could be because they don’t want you to see too much.

Whatever the case, you shouldn’t let yourself be hurried along out of politeness – let the buyer or agent know if you’d like to spend more time in a room or if you’re eager to know what’s behind a door. You should feel that you’ve had enough time to thoroughly explore the property so that you feel comfortable making an offer. 

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Insulting the seller

If the seller is present during the viewing, you should be very careful of saying anything that may insult them, as it could reduce your chances of having an offer accepted.

Try to avoid making negative remarks about the decor. You should even be careful of suggesting improvements you’d like to make, as it could come across that you don’t like what they’ve done with the place. Stick to compliments and voice your concerns with family/friends after the viewing.

Negotiating pricing too early

A seller may also be put off if you start trying to negotiate the price during the viewing. If another buyer is already interested and has not mentioned pricing, the seller may be more inclined to sell to them as they may feel they’ll get a better offer. Wait until after the viewing and then start suggesting negotiations when you make your offer. 

Not preparing questions

There could be many questions that you’d like to ask during the viewing. Consider writing these down on some paper or making a note of them on your phone so that you don’t forget them. Thoroughly read any property information that has been supplied to help you determine any questions you may want to ask. This guide at Compare The Market lists a few questions that could be worth asking. 

Mistakes Buyers Make When Viewing A New Home

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