Maximizing Safety and Productivity at the Office

Commercial spaces these days have the responsibility to adjust to the new public environment. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on many challenges for commercial spaces; hence, commercial building owners should learn to be flexible in adopting new policies and shifting old setups.

During this global health crisis, greenery is an important aspect of keeping a place stress-free. Green is in when it comes to decorating and landscaping indoor spaces. Companies like Vertical Green can provide services that integrate greenery into your commercial building space. Be open to new ideas in enhancing your area during these difficult times.

Changing up the indoor landscape of commercial spaces can benefit the building’s state during this pandemic. Employees and people involved in the building could benefit from a change in indoor scenery that can enhance each person’s well-being.

People wearing nose masks in the office

Pandemic Workspaces

When it comes to commercial buildings, setting up safe workspaces these days should be a priority. Since the start of the pandemic, work culture has been affected by the virtual work setup. Here are some ways that your company can adaptto the current situation.

Office culture has suffered since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many businesses have shifted to a remote work setup, many aspects of office culture have been neglected and eliminated. Casual office talk and meaningful conversations between colleagues have been minimized due to the current work setup.

Given this situation, offices should figure out ways to address this lack of interaction among colleagues. A specialized social area for when employees go back to the office can be an option. This space should be provided with safety amenities and sanitation products to keep the place virus-free.

Modern technology should be utilized in making workspaces more sanitary and healthy for the employees. The use of sensors can be an entry point for maintaining good hygiene in the workplace. It is important to keep offices user-friendly while also maintaining healthy practices.

Physical distancing should still be observed in dining spaces in the workplace. Despite this, social interaction should still be encouraged between employees to maintain good mental health. This will also ensure strong ties fit for collaboration and teamwork.

Indoor air quality should be assessed by building managers. Proper ventilation is crucial in keeping a workspace virus-free. HVAC systems in buildings should be regularly maintained and repaired to keep away elements that are harmful to human health.

These are some ways that companies and workplaces can adapt to the changing landscape. It is important to prioritize the health of employees when considering going back to the office. The well-being of the team is what will keep the business afloat.

Office decor with potted plants

Greenery in Buildings

While it is essential to adjust the building’s amenities to the current situation, there is another way to help employees improve their productivity. Having a green space is important in any business setting. Greenery allows a breath of fresh air into a potentially stuffy indoor space. Here are some benefits of having greenery in your office space during the pandemic.

Having potted plants in the office can help reduce stress. The natural scenery in an otherwise tense area can minimize the potential negative effects of a stressful work environment. Greenery can help boost the immune system and improve the mood of employees.

Incorporating good landscape design in an office space can help improve the employees’ mental well-being. Employees should be encouraged to spend time in the greener area of the building to keep their mental health in check. They can also be encouraged to keep a small indoor potted plant on their desk to keep them company during long work hours.

Including plants indoors can also help clean the office air. Having clean air and good ventilation are important aspects of maintaining an office space during this time. Consider getting indoor plants to keep the air fresh and clean.

Looking at nature can also boost employee creativity. Being creative is essential in the workplace for teams to be able to solve various problems effectively. Maintain your team’s creativity by including greenery in your workspace.

Consider improving your indoor building landscape for when employees go back to the office. Make sure the environment is conducive for the new work setup and safety protocols. Employees have the right to a safe and healthy work environment, so building management should ensure a good workspace amid the health crisis.

Pandemic workspaces are changing the game. Business leaders need to acknowledge this to continue providing what the employees need in a given work environment.


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