If you are lucky enough to have lots of outdoor space surrounding your property, you should appreciate it. But for many owners of large gardens, that is simply not the case. Why? Because maintaining big gardens can take a lot of time, effort and often skill. If you’re not exactly the green-fingered type, and you’re strapped for time, it can feel like an ongoing battle to keep your garden looking good, but you know what? It really doesn’t have to be like that. There are lots of simple things you can do to make your big garden more manageable…

how to manage a large garden

Hire a Gardener

If you’re looking for a really low-maintenance way to keep your garden looking great -for you at least – you could always make use of local lawn care companies and gardeners who will do the work for you. That’s about as manageable as it gets! If you want to take care of the garden yourself, however, there are plenty more manageable things you can do…

Add More Paving

It’s pretty obvious, but garden paving takes much less time to look after than lawns, plants, and flowers do. So if you’re looking to make your outdoor space more manageable, one thing you could do is have your garden landscaped to include more areas of paving.

Start with a patio, then add pathways and rockeries and whatever else takes your fancy that will need nothing more than an occasional power wash and application of weed killer to look good.

Plant in Containers

Plants in containers are far easier to manage than plants that are put directly in the ground, which can often spread like wildfire and which are more prone to being attacked by weeds. It’s also far easier to add some compost and plant seeds into a container than it is to dig and toil in the ground before planting.

An added benefit of container plants is that you can move them around to get the best of the light or keep them warm in winter so that they are more likely to survive. Again, this will mean less work for you.


Consider Artificial Lawn 

Mowing the lawn can be a chore at the best of times but when your lawn is huge, it can be a real problem.; To solve it, you could get one of those fancy ride-on mowers which take a lot of the effort out of the process, or you could go one better and get artificial lawn installed. If you do this not only will you not have to mow the lawn, but it will need no more care than the occasional cleaning session – which you can outsource anyway. You won’t have to weed or reseed or anything like that and your lawn will always look lush and amazing.

Grow a Wildflower Meadows

If you love flowers and you want your garden to be colorful, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time on it, let it grow wild and create your own wildflower meadow, which will need little to no intervention and which will attract beautiful birds and bees to your garden too!

Big gardens don’t always require a big effort!

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