Make Your Floors Shine – Go For Timber Floor Polishing

Timber flooring is a very popular hardwood flooring option. If you use timber floors in your home and lately you feel that your house needs a new look, you should opt for timber floor polishing.

Floorings are usually made of hardwood. This is a type of wood which is derived from deciduous trees. Also deciduous trees are sometimes referred to as hardwood.

A distinction is made between coniferous wood, belonging to the gymnosperms include (gymnosperms), and deciduous wood, the wood of deciduous trees.

The reason for this differentiation is, on one hand, the different systematic assignment of tree species to different groups of seed plants. On the other hand, the two classes of wood species differ significantly in composition, structure and properties.

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Using Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood can be used as a building material (timber, wood material, etc.), furniture wood, and raw material for paper making or as an energy source (firewood, energy wood).

Softwoods such as spruce are preferred because of their rapid growth. In addition, they usually have a straighter growth and are therefore easier to process and with less waste to lumber.

While wood based flooring is quite durable, you need to opt for timely timber floor polishing in order to ensure effective maintenance.

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Why Do You Need Timber Floor Polishing?

Polishing is a machining process for various materials. The polishing grain contained in the polishing paste engages mechanically into the surface. This unevenness, furrows and grooves are compensated and leveled.

When polishing automotive refinish, the surface should be as smooth as possible. As a result, incident light is reflected evenly, which is perceived as a high gloss for the eye.

In industrial aspects, polishing serves to produce surfaces which are as uniform as possible. For special plastics and polymers, so-called thermoplastic processes are used for polishing.

The roughness peaks of the surface structure are plastically and partially plastically deformed and thus leveled. It is carried out depending on the type of polishing as well as filling of wells. The resulting surface is often shiny due to the smoothness.

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The Polishing Process:

The timber floor polishing process improves the condition of the surface from a dull surface with little light reflection to a glossy surface with strong light reflection.

Polishing agents contain polishing minerals that level out the surface roughness. The polishing process often involves several stages.

The polishing time is mainly due to the initial state (pre-grinding), the performance of the polisher used, and the selected process parameters such as contact pressure and number of revolutions and the desired end surface. The longer the polishing time, the higher the risk of a surface defect.

The following factors are crucial for the quality of polished surfaces: material, pre-treatment and polishing parameters. The optimum polishing process depends on the fine-tuning of the polishing tools and polishing pastes used.

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Steps Involved in Timber Floor Polishing


At first, a small area of the flooring is scraped to test the condition of the finishing. If the flooring just gets a bit smudged but nothing can really be scraped, it means that your finishing is great and there is no need to polish.

Cleaning: If a need for timber floor polishing is detected, the floor needs to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that there is no dust or dirt.

Application of Polish: After this, a flat mop is used to apply the polish effectively. You can place multiple coatings of polish.

Drying Period: It is best to let the polishing dry off for at least 24 hours. During this period, try not to restore any furniture or move too much on the floor.

It can be concluded that polishing your timber flooring can increase the beauty of your house and enhance durability of the flooring.

how to make your floors shine


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