Make Your Exterior Extra

It’s all easy to get stuck thinking about all the different ways you can improve the décor inside the home. Many homeowners tend to neglect the exterior. Here, we’re going to look at how you can stop your home from looking quite so drab from the outside. With these four tips to help liven it up and help it live up to the sense of style visitors can expect from the inside.

Make a warm welcome

The entrance of the home is going to be where most of your visitors first focus their attention and making it a little more inviting isn’t too difficult at all. First of all, consider painting your door. Add a splash of color to make it more engaging. You should also consider a little addition that can help frame it and add some aesthetic punch too. Lantern lights on either side can give it a warm, comforting glow. While hanging planting baskets on either side can make it seem more lively and fresh.

Your hangout space

The exterior of the home can be pretty. But it can also make your guests yearn to spend time soaking up the sun and spending time relaxing outside. Create a magical outdoor space that allows people to spend time dining, socializing, and enjoying the best of the weather. If you don’t have decking, it can take as little as one day to install and with the right choice of garden furniture. It can make for the perfect hangout spot. Just remember to add a little lighting and options like an awning to keep the guests directly out of the sun.

Keep it fresh

Some of the fixtures of the home can really mess up its curb appeal if they’re not well maintained or they are starting to show their age a little. Your windows and doors need a little care. But many homeowners tend to ignore the roof until it’s too late. A roofing and remodeling company can help you ensure that the top of your home doesn’t have any obvious gaps or discoloration that can really spoil the look of it. This is especially important for any homes that have single stories or lower roofs.

Let the garden invade

The garden holds unique appeal compared to the rest of the home. There’s something about all that green plant life that tends to calm and center people. Take advantage of the garden’s natural impacts by inviting it a little closer to the home.

Vertical gardening offers an easy, low-maintenance way to add some color to the exterior walls facing the garden. From hanging plots to garden walls, there are lots of different ways to let a little green live closer to the home.

Never neglect your curb appeal. First of all, it’s one of the easiest ways to add value to the home. But it also ensures that guests get hit by a good first impression, making them even more susceptible to your sense of style as soon as they step through that front door.

how to make your home exterior beautiful

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