10 Luxury Touches You Can Add To Your Decor Today

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When you want your home to look its best, it’s not always easy to see exactly what you need to do to make that happen. Sometimes, you’ve been working on your interiors for so long that it’s just too hard for you to work out what’s going to work. And when you want that wow factor effect, you know you need to try a different approach.

Sometimes, you just need to think about the different kinds of inspiration you need. Maybe you need to make some big changes, or sometimes you may find that you only need to do something small to make a world of difference. But the issue is, you won’t always know what that is! But you still want to make a change.

So what you’re going to want to do, is think about finding yourself something that will make a big impact. Of course, here what you really need is a touch of luxury. And we’re not necessarily talking about spending a whole lot of your money on your interiors. Because luxury doesn’t have to cost the earth.

There are often really small changes that you can make, or great-looking luxury replicas that you can work with in order to get the results that you want. You just need to know what they are, to then figure out what’s going to look great in your house.

So let’s walk through ten different ideas to get you started.

luxury bedding

1. Luxury Bedding

When we think about the ways we can bring luxury into the home, you’ll almost always think about your bedroom first. This, along with your bathroom, will always be one of the most luxurious rooms in the house. It’s the room that you want to create a gorgeous yet comfortable feeling in.

So of course, you want to work in some luxury comforters and pillows, like DownAndFeatherCompany.com, that will dress your bed up. When you focus on the comfort factor first, luxury won’t be far behind.

2. Room scents

When you want there to be a certain feel throughout your home, you can often create the effect that you want by working in the right home fragrance. Because atmosphere won’t create itself. You can play around with the light and the heating in your home, but if you really want to take it further and create something really luxurious, you’re going to want to work with different scents in the rooms too.

entryway decor

3. Beautiful entryway

When it comes to actual rooms to focus on and not just elements, you’ll always want to start with your entryway. This is what your guests will see first, and one of the most frequent areas of the home that you’ll look at each day. When you’re able to ensure that your entryway makes a stunning first impression, it can then go on to set the tone for the rest of your house too.

4. Showstopping staircase

As a step on from that, you may also want to think about working with a staircase that can be a real focal point in your home. Of course, you will want to work with the space that you have, but if you do have some room for movement, then you’re going to want to consider different ideas like CountryLiving.com to see what might work out best to create a real statement area for your home.

kitchen with skylight

5. Skylight

If you’re really looking to modify your home and you want to be able to add in something that will not only look great in itself, but also ensure that you benefit in other ways, a sky light is a great option.

It’s a beautiful design feature, but it also allows you to let in a lot more natural light, which can then impact on the design of the house all round too.

shoe wall

6. Shoe wall

Every woman wants a closet to keep all of their gorgeous clothes in, but you don’t just want it to be boring and basic. Instead, when you want to add a luxury touch to your walk-in closet, consider building a shoe wall.

Not only is it great storage, but it’s another interesting way to create a luxury feel in your decor overall and show off your stunning shoe collection.

white living room decor

7. White space

When it comes to design trends that can really help you to create a stunning luxury look around the home, look no further than white space. By sticking to clear and bright white walls, you’ll be making sure that everything looks very clean and minimal. And this always looks high-end.

8. Artwork

From here, you then want to think about how you can dress up each of the rooms in your home. One of the best ways to add a slice of luxury and intrigue into each room, is with art.

You don’t have to be a huge art fan or even have a lot of budget to invest to make this work for you, but you will want to get some artwork up on the walls. It’s a great way to add colour, depth, and some character into the room too.

marble counter

9. Marble counter

In the kitchen, what could be more luxurious than the idea of marble counters? If you want to be able to keep things really clean and simple, opting for simple cabinets but a luxury marble for your counter material will the trick. You could even choose to keep the sides quite basic and clear so that your counters get to speak for themselves.

10. Designer styling

Finally, you are then also going to want to think about styling your house out a little too. Because when it comes to creating a luxury look around the home, styling your house like a designer as HouseBeautiful.com shows, is a great way to do that.

If you want to avoid the homely and overly lived-in look, then styling can help you. And you’ll be able to fall in love with your rooms each time you walk into them.

luxury touches to add to your home


  1. Heather Rowland
    May 4, 2018 / 5:52 am

    I love all of these little tips! White space always works so well but I love adding artwork on walls too!

    Heather xoxo

  2. May 4, 2018 / 2:30 pm

    I also think about the decoration of the room. First of all.




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