In Staking, Luna Is The Second Largest Coin Chain Now

It has been proven by the data till now that there are roughly around 226,325 Luna staking. This number is almost four times larger than ETH 54,768.

On the staking chart, Solana is ahead with a 35 billion US dollar stacked value. With yearly staking rewards, a LUNA Is supposed to give back 6.62%, whereas british bitcoin profit is around 4.81% at the top,

Polkadot DOT is supposed to give back a return of almost 13.92%. For that the Terra is now at the top 10 stacked coin list. And it’s gaining popularity more and more day by day.

This is now the second-largest coin for staking. This also crossed the margin of Ethereum 2.0. But with the recently published data by DefiLlama, Ethereum has the most considerable value which is locked at 111.4 billion Us Dollars. In contrast, Luna has a total locked value of around 23.35 billion US dollars.

Staking Vs. Defi

  • To say it clearly, this number doesn’t always state the TVL or the Total Value Locked. When all the DeFi is locked, there is a chance for 110 billion to be locked out for Ethereum within the 200 billion dollar total locked value.
  • Terra is on the second spot with a much lesser TVL locked out of 23.7 billion US dollars.
  • Whatever, if compared with any other network of blockchain, 28 billion dollars worth of LUNA is now used for the functioning of the blockchain network.
  • This makes the token an excellent option for staking beside Solana. Thirty-five billion dollars worth of Solana is used for Solana’s blockchain function.

Understanding Proof Of Stake

POS, which can also be defined as Proof of Stake, is a system for the prevention of spam with transactions; it allows holders to lock their assets for a chance to make sure that a block is valid.

  • This is why many holders of Proof of stake are getting into stakes of their own making valid blocks to generate substantial passive income.
  • High-value networks are more famous for their vast activity status and fees of transactions.
  • Terra efficiently provides almost 6.62% of rewards every year on stacked coins. That is higher than Solana’s 5.93% and Ethereum 2.0’s 4.81%. This rate is subjective to the network’s activity.

Until now, 40.65% of usable terra tokens have been staked. But on the other hand, three-fourths of the SOL is based solely on the values which are presented by Solana. Ethereum 2.0 is yet to update that list. But with a deposit contract, ETH 2.0 has collected over 25 billion in Ether so far.

With an upgrade in July of 2022, this margin is expected to increase quite drastically. Terra’s current price is somewhere around 90 dollars which comprises a market capital of 33 Billion Us dollars.

  • Over this past week, Luna’s Total Value Locked has increased by over 26.905% and now has a place over Third place holder BNB Smart chain at 12.03 billion dollars worth of TVL.
  • It has been shown by staking rewards that stacked value and Total Value Locked matrix are not at all the same.

Luna’s price has gone up by 78% in the last 30 days. And now it is staying around 92 dollars, with a market cap of about 34.5 billion dollars. With a report published along with the aid of Cointelegraph, terra has burned its 29 million worth token of 2.57 billion dollars for the supply cut shortage.

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Why is Luna so powerful?

  • Luna has been considered one of the best and most complicated forms of crypto tokens. Luna is an excellent form of cryptocurrency which is growing a good potential in the field.
  • The growth curve of this particular coin is quite good and is also gaining leverage in the market.
  • Solana and Cardano belong to the group of great coins which have flourished in the recent market. The learning curve of Luna is not that tough.
  • It can be assumed that even the new investors can get into the field without any problem of their own.


Investing in cryptocurrency is not easy, and it cannot be mastered quite easily. You have to think of myriad options when you are investing in the world of crypto. Along with this, you have to consider the possibilities through which you might feel that there might be losses in the market. At the same time, keep an eye on the trends running in the market. This will help you to keep the profits in your pocket.

In Staking, Luna Is The Second Largest Coin Chain Now

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