New Home, New You – Addressing Your Living Situation After A Divorce

After a divorce, it is natural to want to move on, start fresh, and find a comfortable way to heal. Some may take up an exercise routine, new hobby, find a support group, relocate, while others may take the path of doing a home renovation, especially if they still live in the homes they shared with their ex.

It can’t be easy looking at the furniture or things you bought with your ex back then to make your home. You’ll have to make new memories. A Philadelphia divorce lawyer recommends that you reinvent yourself and your home if you still hold the home’s title. Here’s some advice on what to do:

How to redecorate after a divorce

1. Begin From Your Bedroom

Of all the rooms, the bedroom is where couples get to share most of their intimate moments and share their dreams. Each time you enter your bedroom, you may be haunted by all these memories.

By now, since your partner has moved out, your wardrobe and the rest of the room look spacious enough. Here are things you could do in your bedroom:

  • Ditch old bedding and curtains- Get a new set of beddings and curtains with your favorite color. You can also get new window treatments that don’t need curtains altogether.
  • Repaint existing pieces- Instead of buying new furniture, wardrobes, and knobs, you can repaint them.
  • Fix the walls- You can do a complete repaint or add wallpaper that suits your style.
  • Change the lighting- Incorporate anything that brings your mind to a calm state, like candles and chandeliers.

2. Declutter and Rearrange

There are many things in that home that will always remind you of your marriage. It could be a wedding dress, photos, wedding gifts, clothes, etc. Seeing them will only make you break down emotionally. Therefore, this would be the time to store them away and rearrange your space. It’s the tiny details that make the difference.

For example, you can give your living room and dining room a new layout, and that certainly gives it a whole new look. Doing this also adds more space to your house, enabling you to fill those spaces with your stuff.

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3. Decorate With Colorful Pieces

When you enter your home, you need to see and feel its mood with its reinventions. Plus, if you’re the custodian of your children, don’t forget that they’re equally affected. Make them feel included, loved, safe and happy at home. You can get ideas of what they would want for their rooms and let them take part in the process of redecorating it with their choice of décor.

If you can afford new bright sofas, go for them or decorate them with colorful throw pillows. You can also paint the rest of the rooms newly, add wall art, greenery, new wall mounts of you and your children, colorful rugs and use scented candles once in a while. The whole idea is to make new memories.

Divorce is a significant change, but it does not need to be the end of your life. It should be the beginning of you rediscovering yourself and building on new hobbies. It may seem impossible to live again without your partner, especially after many years of marriage. Still, if you have a positive attitude, you can begin to live again, starting with the home modifications!

Addressing Your Living Situation After A Divorce

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