How To Lighten Your Underarms Naturally

Dark underarms occur naturally and shouldn’t really be an embarrassing condition. But most often than not people find it embarrassing and would rather find ways to lighten their underarms. People with dark underarms may not wear clothes that show their their armpits.

But really, your dark underarms shouldn’t be the reason why you can’t wear short-sleeves and no-hands. Dark armpits can be treated at home and you do not need to see a dermatologist for it.

Causes of dark underarms

  • Dark, discolored underarms may be caused by excessive sweating.
  • Shaving can also cause dark armpits especially if there is an irritation.
  • The use of certain deodorants can also make your underarms darker.
  • Also, dead skin cells on the surface of the skin can make your armpit dark
  • Wearing tight clothes can also cause dark armpits.

Nonetheless, we will take a look at certain ways you can lighten your underarms and/or prevent dark underarms. First, let’s see how to do this based on the causes and then we’ll see some natural ways you can lighten your underarms at home.

How to lighten your underarms

  • Exfoliate your armpit with a gentle body scrub at least 2 or 3 times every week. Doing this will get rid of the dead skin cells and reveal a much healthier skin. This will also help prevent irritations after shaving.
  • Consider waxing instead of shaving.
  • If your deodorant is the cause of your dark armpits, try different deodorants, preferably ones with natural ingredients.
  • Wear lose clothings

5 ways to lighten underarms naturally

Baking soda

Most of us have baking soda in our homes which is ideal for lightening dark underarms. All you have to do is combine it with soap to produce a thick paste. After that, you apply this paste to your underarms and scrub them gently before washing them after 5 minutes. You can do this twice every week.


Grate one piece of potato. Squeeze the juice in the grated potato. Then apply it to your dark underarms and rinse it off with lukewarm water after 10 minutes. This should be done every day. This will aid in the lighting of your underarms.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is really good for the body. Because it is produced locally, it is the most commonly available oil in the country. It contains vitamins, which help to lighten specific areas of the body. Apply to your underarms and rinse with warm water after 15 minutes. For even better results, mix the coconut oil with lemon juice.

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Lemon is said to be a natural bleaching agent. Because of this, it will help lighten the underarms when used frequently. Cut the lemon into two equal halves and rub it in your armpit, wait for about 10 to 15 mins before bathing. Use this every day and you will see a remarkable difference.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is one of the most significant leaf plants on the planet since it aids in the removal of all body marks and stretch marks. Take one aloe vera leaf and extract some aloe vera gel from this. Apply this layer of aloe vera gel to your underarms for 10-12 mins. After that, wash with water.

Dark underarms shouldn’t be embarrassing, but if you are uncomfortable with it, these home remedies should help you lighten your underarms naturally at home. For best results, do these daily before bath time and once you start to see the results, you can reduce how often you do it.

how to lighten your underarms naturally
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