How Good Is Your Lawn Looking?

Your lawn is probably the focal point of your garden. You probably like it to look deep green in color, and be just long enough to cover up the mud it grows out of.

You’d like the kids to be able to run over it without damaging the look, and you love being able to sit out on your lawn with a nice cocktail or picnic the whole family can enjoy. All in all, you want your lawn to look healthy!

But how do you determine if your lawn is healthy or not? How can you be sure that your lawn is both looking and feeling good? Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you look out the window.

how to make your lawn look good
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How patchy is the grass?

Patchy grass is not a good sign to see in your lawn. If your lawn is healthy, it won’t be prone to small patches of mud or gaps in the grass. But if your lawn is currently suffering, and it’s seriously thinning, something needs to be done.

Most of all, you need to promote the growth of your grass, and ensure it grows faster than it thins out. Both of these are natural phenomena, but it’s up to you to get the growth consistently going! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of ways to do so.

How green is the grass?

Green grass is a good indicator of how healthy your lawn is feeling right now. For example, if it’s brown or sandy in color, it’s a sign that it’s not had enough water lately. During droughts, you’re likely to see brown grass around your local area.

Indeed, if green grass is your ultimate priority, and you’re sick of putting a lot of effort in to try and get a consistent color back out of your lawn, you can turn to fake grass installation to help you out here.

If you don’t want your lawn to be susceptible to aging, and the rest of the elements, fake grass could be a great one time investment to ensure you have the lawn of your dreams.

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How much mud is there?

You also need to keep an eye out for the mud. Of course, there’s going to be mud in the lawn – it’s what it’s growing out of. But if there’s a lot of mud after even just 20 minutes of use by the kids, or after a BBQ, it’s a good sign your lawn needs a bit of a break.

Make sure you give it a good couple of weeks before you use it for heavy duty activities again, and even think about providing a protective cover against the elements.

You can even think about building little hills around your lawn to stop the rain runoff from affecting your grass too severely.

Your lawn might not be looking good right now, and it’s important to work out why. Make sure you know these common warning signs and what to do.


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