7 Lawn And Landscaping Ideas To Add More Value To Your Home

Maybe you want to sell your home, or perhaps you want to add more value to your place. First impressions are almost impossible to ignore. And these first impressions a homebuyer usually gets from your lawn and landscaping. 

And when it comes to landscaping, several ways can help you enhance the value of your property. However, it’s easier said than done. There are several do’s and don’ts that come with landscaping that can effortlessly boost the value of your home. So read on and find out multiple tried and tested ways of getting more out of your lawn and landscaping efforts.

7 tips to enhance your lawn and landscape

●Make sure your lawn is well-maintained

The first thing you need to take care of among other exterior improvements of your home is a well-maintained lawn. It’s not only obvious, comparatively inexpensive, and pays you back most of your investment. Moreover, yards are considered one of the favorite features of homebuyers.

Plus, it improves how you look correctly and provides kids with a functional area where they can play, and adults get time to relax and unwind. Thus a well-kept lawn plays a significant role in promoting the lifestyle of the owner.

A recent study establishes that lawn care services of less than $300 add more than $1,200 in value to your home. However, you’ll need a professional landscaping company to maintain your lawn regularly. Make sure you find out everything regrading their services.

It will help your landscape contractors know what exactly you want from, therefore removing any confusion out of the way. In the end, you get a beautiful lawn that not only looks superb but also adds more value to your property.

●Landscaped pathways

If you are planning to sell your property and already have a prospective buyer, where are they supposed to walk? From the walkway and right to the front door of your home. Pay attention and make sure that the pathway looks neat. Repair all the cracks and faults to make a good first impression.

Try designing a pathway that looks attractive and builds anticipation for the buyer. A valuable piece of advice would be to wind the pathway with plants or a small hedge on both sides of the path, make sure it’s always clean, and use a pressure washer to remove any accumulated dirt or slime.

●Fresh mulch

Need something that will make your garden bloom economically and fast? Find mulch for your lawn. Providing your garden with fresh mulch is the first thing that you’ll need for lawn care. By only spending $340 on mulch, you make yourself eligible for 126 percent upon closing.

Spreading mulch around your garden plants and shrubs will help reduce evaporation, hamper weed growth, prevent erosion, and moderate soil temperature. Moreover, when you add organic matter and aerating soil, you improve its ability to hold water. Therefore, with this fix, you are adding more value to your home and helping to save the environment.

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●A feast of colors with garden beds, container plants

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. A couple of hundreds spent on eye-catching plants, colorful flowers will return your investment drastically. One tried and tested option is to add potted plants all around your lawn. Or you can use them to dress up your porch and other entrances to your home where potential buyers are sure to notice them.

With flower beds, you define spaces, and they are a quick way to brighten up the area where you couldn’t find the other way to use the space.

Also, you could invest in annual plants, but keep in mind that they only survive for one season. On the other hand, if you want something that could stay a bit longer in your garden, investing in perennials can fill out your landscape as they grow beautifully. And you don’t have to worry about replanting every season since they grow back every year. 

To grow a colorful garden, you can further seek assistance from a local garden center. They can guide you through the process and help you find the most suitable flowers and plants to grow on your lawn. They can also tell you which plants are for a particular month or season of the year.

●Automated irrigation system

Plenty of buyers today are pretty serious about landscaping but don’t have time to devote themselves to the process. However, installing an automated irrigation system comes at a cost that you might not be expecting on this list, but we can assure you that it serves its purpose quite well. That said, you can bring a fully automated irrigation system anywhere between $2,500 to $3,000, which home buyers will love.

Moreover, the sprinkler systems you get now are way smarter than the ones your dad had on his lawn. They come with sensors that can sense the water levels in your landscape and depend on the information they provide water to the landscape, when they need and how much they need.

●Use proper lighting

Outdoor lighting quickly falls under the limits of any homeowner’s budget. A well-lit landscape not only attracts potential homebuyers but also provides the homeowner with an extra layer of security for your place.

Moreover, lighting hardware has taken an exciting turn in the past few years. With LED lighting and solar-powered lighting products, you get to save energy and the environment simultaneously. You can use them to beautify your place further and keep your home protected from burglars.

●Keep your garden clean and tidy

Make sure you keep your garden clean and tidy by removing any perennial weeds growing over there. For potential buyer’s a lawn with weeds is usually a red flag, and they tend to ignore setting even a foot over such properties.

On the other hand, a well-kept lawn will attract more buyers by creating a first great impression. Since every home buyer wants to make sure they find a place that has the least amount of problems, even if they are outside of your home.

To sum it up

The landscape of your home works as a great agent in adding more value to your property. But the catch is you’ll have to find ways to improve it and make it look better for homebuyers. The tips mentioned above will help you in achieving this goal. And enjoy adding more value to your home most efficiently and enjoyably.

7 Lawn And Landscaping Ideas To Add More Value To Your Home

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