5 Last Minute Christmas Decorating Tips

It’s that time of the year again where every house in the neighbourhood is sparkling with colourful lights and boasting with the most out-of-this-world decors. But for some who have been swamped with their Christmas shopping and haven’t gussied up their homes for this festive occasion, we won’t allow you to skip Christmas decorations this year!

 If you don’t have the time to buy everything from scratch – why not make everything from scratch from pieces of flotsam and jetsam at home. It’s actually quite simple if you’re resourceful, innovative, and have all the creative juices overflowing from your convivial spirit.

We’d like you to try these 5 last-minute Christmas decorating tips and hacks to bring a jovial atmosphere to your lovely home.

Last minute christmas decorating tips

1.  Wreaths Out of Anything

Decorating any part of your home’s interior and exterior with wreaths never fail. Wreaths are one of the most symbolic Christmas decors. The circular shape represents the unending circle of life while the evergreens symbolize growth and everlasting life. But we want to let you in on a little secret, you can make wreaths out of basically any scrap at home!

clothespin wreath

Gather some pieces of crayons and glue them together (either vertically or horizontally) and form into a circle, decorate with gold ribbon sand you’re all set. Have you ever thought about clothespins as your Christmas wreath? Gather some clothespins in different colours, form into a circle, and don with bows and ribbons. A thick old scarf will also do the trick. Twist the scarf and form into a circle and tie some colourful ribbons and there you have it.

2.  Christmas Trees Don’t Need to be Green

If you badly want a Christmas tree during this joyous holiday but are short on time in finding one and getting the ornaments to match, then grab a ladder and decorate with string lights and other colorful ornaments.

Another idea is to grab a long branch outside and find a couple of smaller branches,one shorter than the other. Next is to put the long branch vertically, then stick the longest of the smaller branches horizontally at the bottom and find your way to the top of the long branch with the smallest branch on top.Decorate with colourful flowers and Christmas lights to add some life to it.

3.  Take Advantage of String Lights

If you’ve got a handful of string lights lying around the house from last year’s festivities, then you’re good to go. Instead of just hanging these lights along the corners of your home’s walls which is honestly getting too mundane every year, try to give the lights a little oomph by using mason jars or wine bottles. Put the lights inside a mason jar and tie colorful ribbons around the rim. As for the wine bottles, try gluing some glitter of any color onto the bottle’s exterior and put the string lights inside.

4.  Be Creative with Last Year’s Tree

Give your Christmas tree from last year another unique look by donning it with stuff that you can find at home. This is as easy as pie. Pick some colourful flowers in your garden and put them around your tree along with colourful string lights. If you prefer stars as Christmas tree ornaments, then no one is stopping you. Grab some cardboard or any material that’s rigid enough to stay flat and cut out some stars from it. You may choose one or a couple of festive colours. Then hang on your tree and you’ll be in awe at how stunning it looks. 

last minute christmas decorating tips

5.  Christmas Presents All Over the House

If you’re done wrapping your Christmas presents for your family and friends, continue wrapping some empty boxes (shoe boxes for the shoe hoarders!) with Christmas gift wrappers and pile them on top of each other. Once you’ve reached the desired height, put some string lights around the entire ensemble and you’ll have yourself a unique and quick holiday decoration perfect for Christmas.

The spirit of Christmas means a time to be kind and generous to one another. Decorating your home to get into the festive celebration is one way to make the season merry but the true meaning lies in your heart’s altruism towards loved ones and strangers alike.


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