5 Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design of 2020

Kitchen cabinets are important functional and decor elements when renovating your kitchen. As storage components, they can simplify organizing your kitchen space, and also have the ability
to define your kitchen space and help to make it into something amazing.

Kitchen cabinet design has evolved with time making it possible to choose from a number of styles to match your needs and desires. You can create your perfect kitchen with a trendy cabinet design.

Here’s a look at the top 5 trends in kitchen cabinetry design of 2020.

Top 5 trends in kitchen cabinetry design

multi colored kitchen
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Trend #1. Single kitchen with multiple finish colors

There is no shortage of finish colors and techniques that you can apply in getting the precise color that you want for your cabinet. Homeowners have unique color choices to consider, from mint green to chocolate brown.

In 2020, one of the standout trends in cabinetry design focuses
on blending different finish colors to create a look that is entirely one of a kind.

It’s possible to explore creating interesting designs, like having the upper cabinets finish in a light gray and the base cabinets in a natural wood finish.

Combining a variety of bits and pieces, rather than being matchy, matchy is the emphasis. Tret your island as a breakaway furniture piece that can have its own bold finish color that is different from the perimeter cabinets.

You don’t have to stick simply with the navy and black that are popular right now, but go for blending two stark colors like green and white, or gray and black.

Some form of wood element is always good to ground the finish colors and prevent the space from being overwhelming.

open shelves kitchen
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Trend #2. Open shelving

Open shelving is not a “must-have” for every kitchen style but could prove ideal depending on your specific need. If you are interested in creating a cutting edge style kitchen, open shelving is the way to go.

With the right choice in shelving and a bit of organization, you can create this hot trend. Open shelving has many benefits, including creating the illusion of more space and making the kitchen atmosphere appear light and airy.

You have to be particularly mindful of the items that are placed on the open shelving in order to achieve a look that’s harmonious and fits
with the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Keep in mind that with open shelving, all the items will be on display and your dinnerware or specialty pieces are more aesthetically pleasing as
matching sets.

Consider having similar-colored utensils for uniformity and add decorative
elements to the mix items like fruit bowls and mason jars.

transitional kitchen
Image via instagram, by @rai_marble

Trend #3. Transitional styling

Transitional styling is a constant when it comes to home décor. It has the potential to fit with all kitchen styles if done right.

You can have the best of both worlds with contemporary and traditional kitchen styles by combining elements to create a single look.

Whether you want to create a subtle look in your kitchen or something dramatic, transitional styling can give you room to do that.

How about mixing traditional white shaker style cabinet doors, marble countertops, and an ornate chandelier above your kitchen table? This combination creates something interesting and effortless, which is one of the benefits of transitional styling.

kitchen design with oakwood
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Trend #4. Adding more oak wood in kitchen design

Oakwood cabinetry may have been the popular choice between the 1970s and early 1990s, but it’s making a comeback today. Oakwood is appealing because it can add dimension and texture, a touch of luxury, and is neutral flexibility to any space.

Whether your kitchen is rustic or clean modern, oak cabinetry is a versatile option that can complement many different kitchen designs. Oak wood cabinetry creates a connection between natural elements in kitchen design, especially if the oak wood is kept in its natural color.

Play with door styles in oak, like flat slabs with interesting details or recessed panels painted over.

minimal kitchen
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Trend #5. Clean aesthetics

Kitchen cabinetry hasn’t been taken over by the modernization wave in the decor of recent years. However, clean aesthetics is a 2020 trend in cabinetry constructions, emphasizing minimalism, and turning away from intricate details.

With clean aesthetics, there is no need for ornate design typical in traditional cabinet door styles, for example. Instead, kitchen cabinets
that feature clean aesthetics often have recessed panel doors with smooth edge profiles, clean lines, and simple design elements.

It helps to create a more subtle look for a kitchen that demands little attention.

These five kitchen trends are useful to explore for your next kitchen renovation. Choosing a trendy kitchen design is a great way to add flair to your kitchen space and create something entirely unique.

Regardless of your kitchen style, you can find a 2020 trend that can make your kitchen renovation worthwhile.


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