Tops Tips For Keeping Your Baby Warm This Winter

It’s getting dark early, it’s cold outside, and you’re thinking of warm jumpers and hot chocolate. Winter is coming… Keeping your baby warm in bed and while out and about is a challenge.

Thankfully, shops are happy to oblige by stocking their windows with adorable baby winter wear, but what do you need…


While They Sleep 

It’s tempting to wrap a baby in layers of blankets for a cozy night’s sleep. However, babies under 9 months cannot regulate their own body temperature, so it is critical that they do not overheat. One of the major causes of SIDS is overheating (SIDS).

When keeping your baby warm at night, keep in mind three things:


The ideal temperature for a baby’s room is 18°. A lightly clothed adult would be comfortable here, though a room thermometer is best.


A cotton all-in-one with attached feet will keep your baby’s toes warm. Some sleepsuits have fold-over mittens for colder nights. If your baby’s room is cold, you can add a vest underneath. Look for clothes that cover less skin during nappy changes and are easy to change in case of a nappy disaster!


Warm your baby’s bed with a fitted cotton sheet and cotton blankets. You can add or remove layers of blankets to suit your baby’s temperature. You can also buy a baby sleeping bag or sack. These keep a baby covered no matter how wriggly or squirmy they are in bed.

They let the baby’s arms hang freely, which is good for babies who dislike being swaddled. 2.5 tog bags are sufficient, but thicker ones are available for very cold rooms. An infant sleep-sack eliminates the need to decide how many blankets to use.

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Isn’t it difficult enough to keep your own winter wardrobe up to date for trips out with the pram? Do you need to buy a whole set of baby winter clothes as well?

If you’re going out for some fresh air with your baby, remember that they need one more layer than you. Prepare yourself for a marathon ‘getting ready’ session before leaving for work. To avoid any grumbling from your child, dress them in their winter outfit and then change them into a snowsuit as you leave. Aim for a suit with plenty of insulation, attached feet, and possibly mittens.

A hat is essential when venturing out in the cold. It also prevents heat loss from the top of the head, which is a major heat loss zone for children.

You should also think about packing blankets and using a footmuff from Foryourlittleone

Keep your baby’s hands warm with mittens or gloves, and even if their snowsuit has feet, keep their socks on.

Remember that it’s fine for you to get out and about during the winter months, you just need to make sure you are keeping them warm at home and while out. These tips should help you to do that. Do you have any other tips that could help? Please share some in the comments below. 

Tops Tips For Keeping Your Baby Warm This Winter

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