Chances are that if you’re reading this article, you’ve started to notice increasing numbers of animals encroaching on your land or passing the threshold of your property. Sure, this may be amusing at first, but with wild animals come wild habits. You may start to notice faeces left around, holes, or other forms of damage to your home. Now, this may be frustrating. But you have to think over your following actions extremely careful to ensure that you gain positive results without harming the critters that are becoming a little too comfortable in too close a proximity to you and your day to day life. You need this situation to be fair for all involved.

how to keep wildlife out of your home
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Remember that humans are constantly encroaching on other creatures’ habitats – destroying their homes in order to create our own. Chances are that if you have animals on your land, they’ve been around for longer than you have. And are merely trying to get by despite the huge disruption to their natural habitat. So, it’s time to call a compromise. But how do you encourage animals to leave without harming them? Read on to find out!


Humane Control

While many pest control companies claim that they dispose of animals in a “humane” manner, it’s important to bear in mind that there is no humane way to kill any sentient being. Most methods will induce some form of suffering and at the end of the day, every animals is striving for survival. So they’re going to put up a fight. Economy Exterminators should be a last resort if every other method has been tried, tested, and has failed.


Cut Off Food Supplies

The easiest way to rid your land of animals is to remove any food supplies. Once they realize there is nothing on your property that will sustain them, they’ll find somewhere else to forage. Now, you might not be actively leaving food out for wildlife to snack on, but you need to remember that your outdoor waste bin serves as an all you can eat buffet for many species. As you use it regularly, animals will become to view it as a consistent and reliable food source. Returning to dine from it time and time again. So, make sure that it is properly sealed and emptied regularly.


Try Humane Traps

 There are various traps for rodents and other small creatures on the market. Rather than killing the animal, they simply trap them, allowing you to then release them into the wild far from your home. Rats rarely live alone, as they are social creatures. So chances are you will have to invest in multiple traps to rid your property of them. However, you will slowly but surely move them out and they will settle elsewhere.

While wildlife in and around your property can cause problems, it’s important that you remember that it is just as much their planet as it is ours. So you should practice patience and empathy when finding ways to move them on to pastures new.

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how to keep wildlife out of your home

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