5 Tips and Tricks For Keeping A House With Kids Clean

As any parent will tell you, kids make a mess. No matter how hard they try to be clean, young children, particularly babies and toddlers, will create a mess in any home. However, new parenting strategies dictate that you shouldn’t stop kids from playing dirty at all.

According to research, there are plenty of benefits when kids make a mess while they are playing. But just because kids and messes come together doesn’t mean you have to live in a dirty house. You just need to clean and organize the right way.

Below are a handful of ways you can keep your home neat and tidy without stifling your kid’s playtime or health.

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Tips for keeping a house with kids clean

Declutter on a schedule

Rather than clean and pack away everything whenever your kids play, you can use a schedule. For example, if your kids come home from school at 3 in the afternoon, you may have them play until 4:30 before taking a nap or snack break and playing again at 5.

This will let you clean between both schedule playtimes and ensure their play areas are organized. Or you can clean when they are well and truly done playing after the second playtime.

Either way, you won’t have to spend your energy and time cleaning up only to have to do so again when they resume their activities.

Don’t forget the car

Your vehicle is an unofficial part of your home and your kids will naturally play and eat in it. Without adequate preparation, your car can quickly become sticky, smelly, and unhealthy. Preparation is key in ensuring your car remains sanitary even after a long car ride with the kids.

First, use things like seat covers and floor mats customized for SUVs to protect the upholstery from spillage. Next, carry car food trays and cup holders that will stop food items from dropping on the floor and making it easy to eat inside the vehicle.

Keep a small caddy of cleaning supplies such as wet wipes, sponges, and cleaning spray in the car at all times so you can quickly remove messes before they seep into seats. Finally, use a small plastic container as a trash can, so kids can get rid of items neatly.

Label containers

Containers are a parent’s best friend as they can make sure your entire home remains organized. Put all your kids’ items in large plastic containers. Even better, proceed to label these containers so that your kids will know where to put things back when they are done playing with them.

Make sure the labels are large, easily visible, and clearly marked, so they’ll have an easier time. Always keep these containers in roughly the same location so your kids will not have a hard time looking for them if they ever want to put their toys, art supplies, and other stuff away when they’re done.

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Mats and covers

Liquid messes are part of living with kids, whether it’s the drink they spilled or because they tried their hand at making slime without cornstarch. Unless you want to suddenly Google “how to get tomato stains out of carpet” every time your kids have spaghetti for lunch, you should invest in a lot of plastic mats and covers.

These large tarpaulin-type sheets can be spread on the floor or over a piece of furniture to prevent stains and drips. Make sure your kids know that if they want to play with liquids and slime that they need to tell you, so you can bust out the covers.

If your kids want to eat on upholstered furniture or carpeted areas, smaller placemats or trays will suffice to protect these things from getting too dirty.

Practice toy rotation

Another popular parenting method you can use to reduce clutter is to employ toy rotation. In this method, rather than allow your kids to use any and all toys they want, whenever they want, you instead make them choose a small selection they are supposed to play with for a limited time.

The time should vary, but ideally a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes to encourage them to focus on what they’re playing with. Imposing toy rotation can help keep your house free from clutter and help kids keep their concentration on one form of activity rather than overstimulating them.

Keeping your home clean when you have kids isn’t an impossible endeavor. By using smart techniques and trying to improve your kids’ behavior, you can help them have fun without jeopardizing their health and safety due to clutter.

5 Tips and Tricks For Keeping A House With Kids Clean

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