The words “clean” and “children” don’t seem to go hand in hand. While you made your peace with it for the first couple of years of your child’s life, you want to reclaim a nice clean house for yourself. Of course, raising healthy kids means encouraging them to play. Which will result in a lot of dirty hands and more than one bath during the day. But, if you are adamant that you want to still have a beautiful home, even though you have children who are not the cleanest, what can you do?


Think About Storage

Storage is your ally. Especially if you got kids who take toys out of their boxes constantly and leave them lying around. Various storage boxes don’t have to be prominent, there are many ottomans you can buy that look great in any living space and don’t stick out like a sore thumb. The other way to think about storage is to store items upwards. This gives you more floor space to play with. But this could mean that it’s more space for your kids, and not necessarily you!


Get The Professionals In

If you struggle to keep a well-maintained home, either due to work or life commitments, it might be time to get professionals in on a semi-regular basis. If you struggle to give your home a deep clean and keep on top of the ironing, cooking, etc., you might want to think about getting someone in that can do this for you. If you’ve got green fingers, and maintaining the garden is difficult, you can find landscaping information online about the best professionals to go for. If you are hell-bent on maintaining your home and making it look fantastic, this does come at a price.


Create Designated Areas

Boundaries are important for children in an emotional sense. And maybe it’s time to install some physical ones. If your home is overrun by a swarm of kids and their friends, and toys become tripping hazards, it’s time to make certain areas out of bounds. For example, maybe your children can only play in their bedroom, or certain areas of the living room. It can be very difficult to enforce, especially if you’ve got a big house. But use this to your advantage. Having a playroom is not difficult to set up, especially if you’ve got a junk room. This gives you the opportunity to clear out your home properly. Once your kids have a designated play area that they can do whatever they want, you can shut the door on this, and it won’t give you that unclean anxiety.



It’s very difficult with children, because the potential for mess is a constant. And while you can clean as you go, this does mean a lot of work for you. While boundaries are important, if you need an extra bit of help, don’t be ashamed that you need to ask for it. But if you got a smaller house, this is where it can get tricky, but storage will be a big help. It’s very possible to maintain a clean home with children, but you just need just think a little bit more about it.

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