6 Easy and Quick DIY Ideas for Table Decor

Many people spend a lot of money and time on table decor, but what if we tell you are doing it all wrong? Now with more style and for only a few dollars, you can have a completely elegant and luxurious table, which will completely change the look of your room.

All you need is this list of 6 easy and quick DIY ideas for table decor that we have made just for you.  Relax and follow simple tips from this article to decorate your table in just a few steps.

So let’s get started!

6 diy table decor ideas

1. Flowers and Vase

Flowers are an integral part of the table decor. Due to the different colors and types, it fits perfectly into any decor. It refreshes your space and gives a completely new look to your table. 

Flowers should be chosen depending on the season. During the summer, combine as many colorful strong colors as possible, such as blue, yellow, purple, and pink, and during the winter, choose something cooler and darker, such as dark red, dark blue, and green. If you like a minimalist style, orchids are always a great choice. 

If you want a well-decorated table, make sure you have a good vase that will fit with your flowers. You can make your vase from a plastic bottle by halving the plastic bottle and decorating it with various ribbons, beads, and sequins. You can also buy an ordinary glass vase that you will wrap with a thin rope and glue a few large beads. It will look beautiful during the Christmas holidays. 

If you want something different, you can put a few pampas in an old vase. You will never go wrong with that decor, it is always modern. If you have a large table, you can put several of the same vases in which you will put flowers in different shades. Make an effort to make your floral decoration, which will give your table an elegant and expensive look.

2. Candles

table decor ideas with candles

When we talk about table decor, you should know that the choice of decoration depends on the shape of your table. A round or square table will not be decorated in the same way as a long table will. You can put multiple candles of various sizes and colors in the middle of a round table. 

This year, modern are white and pink candles with the scent of vanilla and strawberry. You can make candles yourself easily and quickly. There are many articles on how to make candles. You can decorate candles in different ways. 

You can also put them in different jars, which you will paint in different colors. You can also put them in nicely designed small lanterns, or you can make your ice lanterns. This is the perfect idea for winter decor.

If you want an unusual decoration, then you can buy small candles that you will put in a large bowl that you will previously fill with water and put a few leaves and flowers inside. 

This will look magical because the candles will float on the water and give a festive atmosphere. Arrange a few candlesticks along with the entire table, from end to end. Put long candles in a candle holder and light candles during the evening. Your guests will be delighted.

3. Fruit

Fresh fruit is a great idea for decorating a dining table. Fruits, like flowers, are unique in that they come in a variety of colors. 

You can easily combine it with different bowls. Today, there are various ways to make fruit bowls. All you need is a balloon, glue, buttons, leaves, sequins, twine, or some other things you want to make bowls from.  

Cover the top of the balloon with glue and some of the items listed above.  Wait for it to dry, puncture the balloon, and you will have beautiful fruit bowls in which you can put seasonal fruit. You can also put a vase with flowers next to the fruit. Dried fruit is also a good idea for table decor. 

The holidays are approaching, which means that you can decorate your table with dried fruit that you will put in the middle of the table together with greenery or some Christmas ornaments. 

One of the ideas is to put a few twigs and a lot of greens on the long table along the entire length, on which you will put fresh pomegranates, oranges, and apples. This will give your table traditional decor.

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4. Snacks and Cookies 

table decor ideas

One of the things you must always have on the table is snacks and cookies. Make some delicious cookies that you will put in two separate bowls for more beautiful decor. This is a simple idea that you see in every home, but that never goes out of fashion. 

If you are preparing dinner for your friends or family in three bowls, arrange the cookies and place them in the middle of the table. This can be a simple everyday table decoration and can also be festive. 

You can also make a few cupcakes that you will put in a special bowl, and it will look magical during these winter holidays. As Christmas approaches, try to put beautifully designed cups with winter motive on your table, into which you will pour hot chocolate for your guests.

5. Plates

table decor ideas

If you are preparing dinner for friends and family, one of the important things is table decor. There are different styles in which you can decorate your table. From coastal, Christmas, floral, traditional, modern style, in different colors from dark to light. 

Make an effort to choose beautifully decorated plates. This year, the modern plates are blue, white, black, and gold. Also, the modern colors of the dining set are, as usual, silver and gold. 

You can put napkins of different colors on the plates, and you can put rings that you made yourself on them. You can make them from various ribbons or ropes. You can also take a large plastic ring and wrap it in a silver ribbon, on which you will stick an artificial white flower. 

You can also add various beads or personalized messages as decoration. Place a name card or short message in front of each plate. This will impress your guests.

6. Ornaments

Christmas table decor ideas

The last thing on our list is different ornaments depending on the season and holidays. When you decorate your table, choose a tablecloth that will go well with your entire decoration. 

You can pick your favorite fabric and sew the tablecloth yourself. It can be very creative and fun. 

You can also put different figures that you made yourself as everyday table decor. You can make figures out of clay and then paint them, you can also put some large shells or stones on which you have previously glued sequins. 

The winter holidays are approaching, so you can put various small Christmas trees made of bottle brushes, lamps, or dried fruit, and some twigs and pearls on the table. This will make your table never look empty and boring.

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, we could not list all the table decor ideas because there are too many of them, but we tried to list the ones that are in trend this year.

We hope you enjoyed it. If you have any additional questions, please leave them in the comments section, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Be sure to check out the decor section, as you will find many more useful ideas and tips there.

6 Easy and Quick DIY Ideas for Table Decor

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