How To Stay Healthy During Harmattan Season

It’s here! With its dryness, coldness and dust. So, everyone must be cautious. Harmattan is a dry, dusty and a cold season. It mostly occurs from the end of November to February in West African countries.

It occurs as a result of the north east trade winds that blows over West Africa from the Sahara Desert.

Harmattan season comes with a lot of health problems, so it is important to take proper care of yourself during this season to prevent any health problems.

Below are some tips on how to stay healthy during harmattan.

10 Tips on staying healthy during harmattan

1. Moisturize with oily creams

The skin can become dry during harmattan as a result of the dry winds. When the skin is dry, it becomes wrinkled it can also cause cracks to the skin, which can result in to bruises.

People can easily develop skin rashes during harmattan season, which can also bring about itching of the skin and also bring about other skin infections.

Therefore it is advisable to include an oil like vitamin e or shea butter in your skin care routine. These oils lock in moisture to keep your skin moisturized.

Don’t forget to keep your heels moisturized too, to prevent cracked heels.

2. Taking in plenty water

The dryness that is caused by the harmattan season can cause the body to dehydrate. So it is always advisable to take in more water to prevent dehydration of the body.

So just make it a point to drink water. Don’t wait till you feel thirsty, just drink.

dry and cracked lips

3. Use lip balm to prevent cracked lips

 Use lip balm to prevent the mouth from cracking. When the mouth gets cracked it will be difficult to even smile, eat or talk.

So always make sure to get lip balm close to you. You can even apply coconut oil or Vaseline on your lips if you don’t have lip balm.

4. Use nose masks

Cover your nose with nose masks to prevent the inhalation of dust. Asthmatic patients should always keep their inhaler handy because the dusty winds can aggravate the asthma attacks.

5. Wear protective clothing

Make sure to wear protective clothes when going out. Because it tends to be really cold during the harmattan season.

To reduce the effects of this season, it is advisable to avoid unnecessary exposure to the weather. So don’t stay outside for too long and always dress appropriately.

6. Wear protective hairstyles

It is also advisable to wear protective hairstyles to prevent the effects of the cold and dry weather on the hair.

If you decide not to wear protective hairstyles, then make sure to moisturize your hair with jojoba oil or moroccan oil to prevent the hair from drying and breaking.

7. Wash your eyes regularly to avoid red eyes

 Also when dust gets into your eyes it can cause eye infections. Dusty particles in the air can find their way into the eyes and this can cause tearing, redness, itching and allergic eye diseases.  

It is therefore advisable to use well treated water to wash your eyes. You can also wear sunglasses when stepping out to prevent dust from getting into your eyes.

8. Keep the doors and windows closed

 Make sure to close your doors and windows well to prevent dust and coldness in the room.

9. Use humidifiers

Use humidifiers to keep the room moisturized. This will prevent your lips and skin from drying. It will also keep your throat moist and prevent respiratory infections that occurs as a results of the harmattan.

10. Switch off electrical appliances

Turn off all electrical appliances when they are not in use to prevent accidental fires. Also, remember to quench naked fire after use.

With the tips above, you can surely stay healthy in the harmattan season.

Description: The harmattan season is associated with known health hazards, most of which can be prevented. So these are tips on how to stay healthy during harmattan.


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