It is normal to have people you don’t like and want to ignore them. People who darken your life, are not worth to move with it. Therefore you need to cut them off. This is a very difficult thing to do especially when you school, church or work together, you can’t cut them off completely but with these tips, you can keep them away from you. It wouldn’t be once but gradually, you can get them off mind.

Keep answers to their questions short and simple:

If you don’t like someone, avoid getting into long conversations with them. Don’t be rude but keep your answers short and simple. Eg: using words like no please, excuse me and others will always turn them off from you. It will make them feel unwanted and nobody wants to be with people who do not recognize or appreciate their presence. But if you keep tolerating their long talks, they will always cling unto you because you are always ready to listen to them.

Stay away from them:

If you don’t need people in your life, avoid them. Avoidance is one of the ways to ignore people you don’t like or do not add any value to your life. We all love to have friends but if they are not adding up, get rid of them. You need friends to elevate you not to bring you down. Do not attend parties they are attending. Avoid everything they are involved in. This will help you lose contact with them. If they show up at where you are and you feel uncomfortable, you can excuse yourself politely.

how to ignore people

Keep yourself busy:

Whenever you see them approaching or around you, you can keep yourself busy to ignore them. You can make a call or try listening to music loud with your headphone, you may tell them later or probably you couldn’t hear them calling because of the music. Always keep yourself busy to ignore their presence.

Do not answer their calls:

This is one of the best ways to ignore people. Whenever they give you a call being it facetime or normal phone calls, do not answer. If you can’t do this, you can always give their calls to someone else to tell them you are busy or sleeping. Or change  your phone number so the person can’t call or text you. They will stop calling when they realize they are not needed anymore.


Block them or track them on social media:

If you are friends with them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can block them from seeing their post and they won’t see yours either. You can also try tracking them on their daily posts to see where they will be and try avoiding such places. But I guess blocking them will be the best option because tracking someone you don’t like doesn’t make sense in some ways. When you block, they wouldn’t get to know much into your personal stuff anymore.

Change your routine:

If you two bump into each other when  you go to the restaurant or place of relaxation, change your routine. Try and figure out the time they go there and probably go earlier or late than they do so you no longer bump into them. The best way I will say is to discover a new place and go. This will even reduce the tension when you going out. If you take the same routine to class or work, change yours or take a transfer from there to avoid them completely.

ways to ignore people

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