How To Design The Most Amazing Snug

If you’ve got a small room in your home that gets little use and is simply sitting there going to waste, why not consider turning it into a snug? Just think, you could create a mini living room in your home that’s designed for relaxing in and taking some time out. This could be a space for you, your children or the whole household – whoever needs some time away to relax and unwind.

Like the concept of creating a snug in your home’s small spare room? Here are some tips and design ideas that should help you to create the most incredible space.

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Keep it calm

For a snug that is a calm and tranquil place, it’s important to be clear about the type of decor that will work well. Ideally, you should stick to neutral or pastel tones, no bright colours. The best tones to use are natural ones, as these are what spas use to create a sense of serenity and calm, and can work wonders at calming you down. Pastel blue, mint green, cream, or grey are all ideal colours to use. The aim is to create a space that has a relaxing and tranquil vibe to it. In addition to the right wall colours, adding a selection of potted plants may also help. Studies have shown that spaces with greenery in, tend to create a calmer atmosphere.

Focus on comfort

When it comes to the furniture that you incorporate into your snug, it’s important to think about comfort. Comfort is key to creating the ideal space that is perfect for relaxing in. If there’s no room for a sofa, how about investing in floor cushions or a foam bag, which is only at Get creative and think outside the box. A room doesn’t have to contain a sofa to be a comfortable space. For an additional touch of comfort, investing in features like faux fur rugs and a selection of cushions and throws can be ideal.

Incorporate scents

Aromatherapy is a simple way of relaxing yourself, which is why it’s important to incorporate scents into your snug. Whether this is via wax melts, scented candles, reed diffusers or incense sticks, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you are using the right scents, such as lavender and vanilla, to create a space that has a calming vibe to it. A word of caution, if you’re using scented candles and you have little ones, make sure that your kids are aware of how dangerous they can be and not to light them without you being there. A great alternative to candles is LED candles – you can even get scented ones now.

Get the lighting right

If the lighting in your snug isn’t right, you will find it impossible to relax. The key to relaxing lighting is layering it. This is because often overhead lighting is too bright. But by layering a range of different lighting, such as table lamps and fairy lights, you can create a space that has just the right amount of light and isn’t too bright.

There you have it, a guide to how you can design the most amazing snug in your home that’s ideal for taking some time out and relaxing in.


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