When you first set eyes on that stunning diamond engagement ring, it is certainly love at first sight. And as you will rarely take it off, you will need to clean it regularly. While a diamond engagement ring might look delicate, most designs offer a durable setting that ensures the stones are firmly set. And with intricate work, it can be difficult to maintain that early glow and clean the ring thoroughly. If you are soon to be married and want some advice on how best to clean your engagement ring, here are some useful ways to maintain that glitzy look.


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Soap And Water

To remove the inevitable dirt and grime that gathers everywhere, you are advised to mix a little dishwashing liquid with some almost-boiling water and immerse the ring in the solution for about 45 minutes. Then, with a soft toothbrush, gently scrub the ring surfaces – making sure to get into those tiny spaces. And after a few minutes rinsing under warm water, dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Regular cleaning will ensure that your diamond engagement ring always retain that sparkle. And if you would prefer, your jeweller can professionally clean and polish the ring for a small fee, of course.


How Often Should I Do This?

It is good practice to clean the ring on a weekly basis, handling the ring gently, while also checking for clasp or setting issues. Buy a special toothbrush and use it exclusively for your jewellery cleaning. A soft brush is much preferred, as a hard toothbrush could loosen the clasps, and with gentle circular motions, you can cover the entire surface. The warm water rinse removes all traces of soap and with some buffing with a dry cloth, your diamonds will sparkle again. There are custom made engagement rings Sydney brides-to-be would gush over that can be found online.

how to clean your engagement ring

What Not To Use

Never use any form of household cleaner, which could contain bleach, chlorine and acetone, as these chemicals can damage the diamond surface, along with the precious metal. Avoid using anything abrasive, as this might result in minute scratches on the metal surface, which would make the ring a little dull. You might be tempted to try a little baking soda, which is likely to damage the metal surface, whether gold or platinum.

Choosing The Ring

If you are both looking at rings, durability can never be ignored. After all, you will rarely take it off and there are online diamond jewellers who have stunning jewellery at affordable prices. The online diamond dealer would buy stones wholesale and therefore can offer their products a little lower than traditional retailers. While they would have access to many fine vintage and antique rings and can even design the ring to your specifications. It pays to do some basic research on diamond grading, which the Internet can help you with, that way you can buy with some confidence.


The above works very well and if you make it a weekly chore, your diamond engagement ring will always look like it did when you first set eyes on it. With something of high financial and emotional value, one must take good care of the ring and it will always retain that sparkle, while appreciating in value over time.

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