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We always think of fitness, money, travel and others, but when was the last you asked yourself “how better am I as a friend?” Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Who are really no more than acquaintance, and you must avoid taking them for granted.

Friends we say are a vital part of our lives, we confide in them for emotional and social support. The magic path to live a better life is to become a better friend. You may not be a bad friend but perhaps you want to be a better one than you are now. Working to be a better friend might sound like a major task, but there are pretty little things you need to do to become one.

5 ways to be a better friend

Here are five(5) ways to be a better friend;

Know yourself:

Self refers to a person’s traits that makes them different from other people. From the above, we’ve learnt, knowing yourself should be the first step everyone should look out for when you want to enhance your friendship. This helps to know how to relate well with others because knowing yourself aids you to develop a mechanism to control your actions and outrances in relating well with others. It also helps to know your abilities and weaknesses. Knowing your abilities and weaknesses will help to develop your potentials and take right decisions to help build yourself.

Learn to keep secrets:

Being entrusted with a secret can be both a delight and a burden. There’s a certain betrayal that cuts to the core, when you find out a friend has been sharing private details about your life with other people.

You should be honoured that someone trust you enough to tell you a secret. But be aware that if you betray that trust, you could damage your relationship with that friend. When you are able to remain quiet, it will maintain your reputation as a trustworthy person.

A trustworthy person is the best friend you could ever have, help your friends to keep their secrets and help them overcome the fears they had in telling people about their secrets.

ways to be a better friend

Be there for your friend:

You have to be there, even if you don’t want to be. A part of being a good friend is doing things to support your friend even if you are not feeling it. It could simply involve being around them in comfortable silence or going to watch a movie with them. Let them feel they have someone who always got their back. If you put yourself first before your friends, your relationship with your friends will never stand.

Hear their grievances and comfort them. They may be facing challenges in choosing their partners or may end up in wrong one. Do not criticise them, let them know they are not the only people who ever made mistakes. We say, “A problem shared is half solved.” Let their burden be your burden, be happy when they are happy, always give a helping hand and be a great friend always. Don’t let them feel the world is crushing on them. But rather help  them build self confidence and come out from their deepest fears.


Learn to forgive:

Friendship involves forgiveness. Do not hold a grudge. Let them know the things to you can let go and those you can’t so that they don’t offend you. Do not be so quick to scold a friend because they did something wrong to you. You may not know what they are going through. Go to them, tell them your feelings about what they did and get back on track.

When you don’t hold grudges, you have a clear conscience. Having a clear conscience also helps to bring out the best in you. Because you know you hold nothing inside. When you forgive a friend whenever they offend you, they learn from their mistakes and it amends their way of life.

Appreciate their perception about you:

When you appreciate your friend’s perception about a step you are taking or a choice you are making, it helps you to make an effort to put a stop to something or take correct measures to help you in life. Every person in a point in life loved to be listened to. When you give them a hearing, they know how important they mean to you. It’s disconcerting when someone you care about clearly isn’t listening to anything you’re telling them. Do not hurt a friend by ignoring their perception about you, but rather appreciate them and enhance a better relationship. Friends ideas sometimes helps you to make right choices at a particular in time. Never take their ideas to be dumb or less important even if they are. But help welcome it and take good ones out of it.



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