How Girls Annoy Guys

how girls annoy guys

Let’s face it, girls can be very very annoying. And what makes us more annoying is the fact that guys have to take every annoying habit without complaints because it’s going to result in a fight. Yeah, another annoying habit. Come to think of it, girls are very complicated. But today we are not talking about how complicated girls are. Instead we are talking about how annoying they can be. Guys aren’t the only annoying ones.

So here are some annoying habits of girls that men hate.

things girls do that guys hate


  1. Taking forever to finish their makeup

Men love to see us looking good but they don’t like how long it takes us to get ready. We spend waste so much time trying to get ready. From our makeup to deciding what to wear and which shoe to pair with what outfit. One trick I use to get ready on time is to start early. So that if I know we are leaving home at 2pm and it will take me an hour to finish my hair and makeup and another thirty minutes to settle on what to wear, I will start getting ready at 12pm. That way I will be all done and ready on time.

It helps to get a “running late makeup routine” too. Usually my “running late makeup routine” involves a foundation, powder, mascara and lipstick. This routine takes less than 10 minutes to finish and I’m all done and ready. But if you want to go in a little extra with the makeup. Like a full coverage heavy makeup, then I suggest you start getting ready early.

2. Disturbing guys when they are watching a game or playing video games

I used to do this a lot but now I’ve learnt to wait until my husband is done with his game before I try to talk to him. When it comes to sports, don’t disturb a guy. Sports is everything to them. If it is not an emergency, if it is not a matter of life and death, please hold on until they are done. Once they are done, you can talk about anything you want to and they will be ready to hear you out. Talking to them when they are watching a game or playing video games disturbs them a lot. It’s like a guy trying to talk to you during an episode of stranger things, just hold on until they are done.

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3. Talking about their relationship issues

This is one thing that girls do a lot that even I don’t like and I’m a girl. Girls like broadcasting their relationship issues too much, especially on social media. The harsh reality is that no one even cares about your relationship and you making everyone know what problems you are having is just not cool. It’s okay for people to know you are in a relationship but they don’t have to know everything that goes on in the relationship. Everyone goes through hard times at a point in relationships but it is up to you and your partner to work things out. Stop tweeting everything that goes on in your relationship. Your facebook friends don't need to know that you had your first fight and it was because he didn't put down the toilet seat Click To Tweet.

4. Talking non-stop/nagging

Girls can talk ha! and I know because I am 100% guilty of this. Someone did something wrong to me, something didn’t go my way, I’m bored, anything at all and my husband’s ears are in trouble. He just sits down quietly and listen to me go up and down about something that made me angry or how I think I should have reacted to something, that man really has patience. I know he listens to me because that’s all I want anyway but I also know he wishes I didn’t have to talk about the same thing over and over again. It gets boring and I’m working on it.

You don’t have to talk about the same thing for more than ten minutes. That is still too much but manageable. You don’t have to talk for hours about how someone offended you at work. He did nothing wrong and he doesn’t need to be punished for someone’s mistakes.

5. Stalking and snooping

Girls think that because they are in a relationship with you they have to know whatever goes on in your life. They want to go through your phones and invade guy’s privacy. Now with social media, stalking has become so easy. Always checking his online status, asking who he is texting. Questioning why he liked someone’s photo or commented on a photo. The fact that a guy is in a relationship with you doesn’t mean he can’t have other relations. You don’t have to stalk his every movement. Let him be. Give him space. Let him breathe. When you act like that, you make him feel like you don’t trust him and that is not good for your relationship. Let your man know you trust him. Stop snooping and stalking. You can get something productive to do when you are bored instead of stalking him.

6. Too much jealousy

This one goes hand in hand with the stalking and snooping. You stalk, you see something and then you makeup things in your head and then jealousy sets in. That is so not healthy for your relationship. Sometimes, guys are just being nice to other girls. Not because they want to sleep with them but because it’s the nice thing to do. You don’t have to freak out about every girl he says hi to. Let him know you trust him. Insecurity destroys a relationship.

7. Shopping and spending

Girls like to spend too much especially on clothings and makeup. It’s good to treat yourself to pretty things once in a while. But when it becomes a habit, then you know you’ve got a problem. Learn to save. know when to buy. You can’t go shopping every weekend just for the sake of shopping. Get a hobby. Preferably, one that helps you make more money rather than spending.

how girls annoy guys

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