How Do Pilates Affect The Health Of Women

Most women start facing different kinds of health related issues after a certain age. While a woman is healthy and active, she does not think about exercising. The idea of exercise comes only after the body refuses to function the way it should.

While there are different forms of exercises specially designed for women, pilates is the one that has gained immense popularity over the last few years. It is a low-impact form of exercise that is proven to be extremely helpful in strengthening muscles, improving posture and increasing flexibility. This exercise targets the core and can be done with or without some equipment.

In This Article, Let’s Find Out How This Exercise Helps A Woman to Stay Healthy and Perform Better in Everyday Life:

Benefits of pilates


It is a stress reliever:

Any form of exercise will surely make you feel fresh and rejuvenated. The Pilates is one such form. If you perform it continuously for a certain period of time, you will not only see the difference in your body but also in your mind. In short, it is a full body workout. You will actually feel stress-free and happy after doing this exercise. Apart from that, it will also improve your neural activities, improve your memory function, and improve the alpha peak power of the brain. It is also helpful in fighting brain-degenerative diseases and dysfunctions. Thus, with regular exercise, you will live a healthy and stress-free life for longer.

It will improve your posture:

If you are a working woman, you must be sitting on your office work desk for several hours at a stretch everyday. Due to this, you may develop posture problems and suffer from backaches, neckaches, leg pain, calf pain and others. This affects your posture badly and you are not even able to carry out your daily tasks without discomfort. In that case, Pilates is known to activate the abdominal and glute muscles and working on the upper back to improve your posture. With regular sessions, you can improve your shoulder and neck muscles as well. The exercises will stretch out your shoulder muscles, align your spine and will eventually improve the posture and get rid of your pain. The exercises also make you more flexible, so that you can exercise easily and feel light.

yoga poses for back pain

It will help in curing back pain:

The Pilates is most effective for curing back pain. Women often complain of back pain, especially during pregnancy, during menstrual cycles, and even post-pregnancy after delivery. This exercise is mainly targeted in strengthening your core muscles and is found to be effective in reducing the back pain. If you have a pelvic problem, this exercise will help you in that too. The pelvic rehabilitation has a number of Pilates exercises in the course, which will help you in toning the core muscles and getting rid of back pain quickly.

It will help in improving sports performance:

If you are an athlete, it is the basic necessity for you to constantly improve your performance and capacity. Pilates can help you with this. By performing these exercises regularly, you can tone your whole body and boost your energy levels. When you feel healthy and active, you feel motivated to work out more often. This will boost your core and ultimately perform well. If you have a strong core, you will be able to run and perform with an increased pace. If you complain of body ache after running a marathon, this may be because your core muscles are weak. With regular exercises, you will improve your core muscles and feel stronger.

These are only few of the ways with which you can be benefited by Pilates. But most importantly, it will help you to stay fit and lean, and keep obesity away by losing the excess weight.


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