7 Common Household Concerns And Their Solutions

Every resident must face household maintenance troubles; it’s only a matter of how frequently yours come around. It could be a clogged drain this week and a filthy kitchen the next.

But the thing is, these household concerns become frustrating when you don’t know the solution. It may be easy to fix, but you end up spending hours and even resources on the wrong solutions.

This article discusses the common household concerns that Calgary residents face and what you can do.

Let’s begin.

woman cleaning windows

7 household concerns and their solutions

1. Cleaning windows

Have you ever tried cleaning a window only to realize it was better off before your attempt? The streaks and water marks you leave behind on the window after the cleaning makes this one of the most troublesome home concerns residents face.

If you find those marks on the window after cleaning, put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the windows. The liquid will lift off the stain molecules from the glass. You may have to let the vinegar stay on the glass for a bit to do its job. Then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

To avoid leaving streaks on your window after cleaning, clean from top to bottom with a squeegee and wipe the blade every time you reach the bottom.

In place of a squeegee, you can use a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth; clean in horizontal strokes from top to bottom. When cleaning windows, avoid rubbing in circles.

2. Clogged drain

There are only a few household troubles that are as annoying as a blocked drain. That moment the water doesn’t flow down anymore, and the filth from your washed dishes stare right back at you in the face. More often than not, you should be able to fix a clogged drain yourself.

Try boiling some water and pouring it into the sink. If nothing happens, tie a small hook to a wire to fish out the obstruction.

If that still doesn’t work, you can try using the garbage disposal if you have one. Turn on the garbage disposal with water running to flush out the obstruction. If it makes a humming noise, then there may be a jam. It’s time to call a professional.

3. Mold and mildew in your bathroom

One very common household challenge people face is mold and mildew growing in their toilet/bathroom. Your bathroom is most often wet, and mold spores thrive in moist environments.

You need to tackle mold and mildew growth early to prevent it from spreading as they pose a threat to health. You can get some products from stores in Calgary to kill off mold and even prevent future growth.

However, if there’s more filth in your bathroom than you can handle (agreed, this can be a very dirty place), it’s worth calling on a company that offers bathroom cleaning Calgary. They can help you get in those tight corners you wouldn’t like to go to. The good thing is, when you get your bathroom spanking clean professionally, it will take some time before you’d need another cleaning done.

4. Permanent marker on the walls

Seeing permanent markers on your walls might make you even regret having your kids. It’s that frustrating. And no matter how you yell at your kids, sometimes it’s just their instinctive way to catch fun.

Well, if you’re ever faced with this household concern, your toothbrush and toothpaste will come in handy. Get the paste on the brush and rub it gently against the wall. You’ll notice the permanent marker stains begin to disintegrate. Once it’s well broken up, use a moist cloth to wipe up the pieces.

However, if the toothpaste technique proved abortive, you might just have to apply a layer of paint. This could also be a motivation to do that painting job you’ve been procrastinating.

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5. Wine stains on the carpet

Wine stains on the carpet are another common household problem residents have to face.

What’s more catastrophic than having a beautiful dinner party ruined by wine spilling all over the carpet? You’ve seen it several times in adverts. That’s to show how common and how much of a problem it can be. Removing the stains is no piece of cake—the best time to tackle wine stain on the carpet as soon as it happens.

Dab at the stain with a moist white cloth to absorb the wine. You can use a handkerchief. Dab, don’t rub it all over the carpet, as you’d only succeed in making the stain bigger. The stain becomes much tougher to remove when it sets.

When it seems it’s getting dry, pour some water on the carpet to dilute the stain and continue dabbing.

Then apply a baking soda mix and vacuum the spot.

If you still haven’t gotten it off before it sets, it’s time to call a professional cleaning company.

cleaning countertop

6. Countertop stains

You would think your countertop is squeaky clean until the light hits it at an angle, and you realize, “Oh my, where did those stains come from?”

The disgusting marks would be like a film upon your countertop. But they’re not so difficult to get rid of. You could apply ammonia or peroxide on a clean rag and wipe the surface with it. This should remove the stain from the countertop pretty quickly.

7. Grease in the kitchen

Grease is bound to get on your walls and cabinet, no matter how you try to prevent it. But it’s easy to solve; simply buy a cleaner with orange oil to clean off the grease.

You can as well use a grease-cutting dishwashing detergent.

But be careful to avoid ruining your cabinet’s finish. First, apply the cleanser on an inconspicuous part of the cabinet to see the reaction. If it’s fine, then carry on. Rinse off the cleanser with another sponge soaked in clean, warm water.

Tackle tough stains with baking soda.


These are just a few household challenges you’d likely face and their solutions.

Note: you’d often encounter more challenging problems that are beyond you, such as plumbing, electrical, and structural issues. To avoid doing more harm than good, it’s worth calling on a professional as they will likely get it right the first time.

7 Common Household Concerns And Their Solutions

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