House On Wheels- Keep Your Vehicle Thriving With These Maintenance Tips

You’ll be surprised to know that 89% of RV owners confirmed that one of their primary reasons for buying a house on wheels was their love for traveling. Some of them even looked at their RVs as a cost-effective living space for themselves.

Regardless of the reason you own an RV, it would be best if you learned how to maintain it. You need to know that RVs require extra care and attention to prolong their health, unlike other vehicles such as SUVs, cars, and trucks.

RV owners are often on the move. And nobody would want to cut short their trip just because their RV broke down in the middle of the road. That’s why it is really important to regularly maintain your RV. Read on to learn more about the maintenance tips that can help prolong your vehicle’s life to make your house on wheels safer on roads.

3 Maintenance tips for your house on wheels

Check the central heating system

Trailers and RVs are built exclusively, keeping in mind your comfort, especially during the changing seasons. Imagine looking for a blanket to protect yourself from cold nights. Today, RVs are equipped with a hydronic heating system or a furnace, depending on your needs.

Technically speaking, the furnace is a consolidated propane-fired burner strategically equipped with vent fans. Just like regular home furnaces, it is controlled by an adjustable wall-mounted thermostat. According to industry standards, RV furnaces are much more efficient and reliable as they come with minimal maintenance.

Also, RVers use propane to run their central air and heating systems as it is cheaper than gas and is readily available. Experts at confirm that with the help of easy online ordering, you can also request a service appointment at your convenience. Not to mention it’s a green fuel solution, especially during long travels.

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Focus on breaks and suspensions

Keeping in check your RV’s brakes and suspensions is not only good for your vehicle but is also essential for the safety of the passengers. Break and suspension maintenance has to be on your to-do checklist to ensure smooth travels.

You need to make sure that the wheel bearings are all checked and nicely lubricated. Also, if you feel that the seals need to be replaced, do not put them on the back burner, as it is just going to get worse with time

Change the filters regularly

One of the prominent reasons many RVers have to deal with a sudden breakdown is unchanged filters. They affect the engine and ruin your traveling experience.

Thus, it goes without saying that you need to replace the coolant, air, fuel, and hydraulic filters in your RV regularly. Ideally, they must be replaced every time you get your oil changed. Ignore it, and you might have to deal with excessive wear and tear in your RV’s engine.

Wrapping up

Owning an RV is not that challenging, but maintaining it is definitely challenging. So, use the tips mentioned above to keep your house on wheels in good condition and maximize your safety and comfort levels.


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