Hosting An Outdoor Party For Your Employees – Some Important Tips

Throwing a great party as a reward for your team’s hard work is a great thing to do to boost morale and let your employees know how grateful you are for them. There are many different types of parties you can host, from themed parties to casual cookouts at a variety of different venues.

It’s worth remembering, however, that planning a party on this scale is no easy task, and alongside getting invitations and directions out to people, hiring a venue and staff, and setting up décor and seating, there are a few other things to consider when hosting your company party. Here are some important tips for you to make this the best outdoor company party possible.

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4 tips for hosting an outdoor party

Make Use Of Outdoor Lighting

One feature that can play an important role in the aesthetics of an outdoor party is the lighting. It’s not the easiest task to get this right, however. Lighting is more often than not underused, with outdoor venues like this feeling dingy and unwelcoming once the sun goes down.

Things like LED fairy lights are great, but relying solely on these to light your outdoor space isn’t going to be good enough. Instead, use lighting like this to add atmosphere or even to mark out pathways around the area for added safety. Consider these party lighting tips to help you keep everything well-lit without losing the atmosphere of the evening.

Decoration for Outdoor Space

Although led lights give the party space an elegant look you can not create a theme based on the lighting only. Outdoor spaces give a chance to think of the craziest themes as there will be enough space to bring them to life. You can make use of the trees if available to hang thematic objects or small details or can use outdoor inflatables as decorations.

Custom inflatables for outdoors are the perfect investment as they are of high quality, customizable to match the theme and decor, and take seconds to transform your party space. Putting some candles on the table and putting some thematic table supplies will work nicely on some occasions depending on the theme.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

You’ll want to ensure that your guests are as comfortable as possible. This can be slightly more difficult at an event like this due to everyone being exposed to the elements. In colder weather, you will naturally consider adding a number of heaters around your marquee or tent to keep your guests warm, but when on a blisteringly hot day, these tents can get excessively hot, which can be just as uncomfortable as the cold if not more so. In cases like this, you’ll want to consider tent cooling solutions like those that you can find on the Dantherm Group website.

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A Good Backup Plan

There is only so much a marquee can protect your party from when it comes to the weather. They are designed to stave off relatively heavy rain, but for downpours that last for hours combined with strong winds, it’s possible for the tent to give up, leading to it leaking or even, in severe cases, blowing away entirely.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to fight the weather, so you need to have some way to adapt to these situations. Consider a good backup plan should the weather turn. Hiring a venue that provides you with an indoor space as well as an outdoor one is the best choice here.

Consider Pest Control Methods

One of the biggest issues with hosting a party outside, especially during the summertime, is the pests. Mosquitoes and other biting insects can be problematic for your guests, causing people to feel uncomfortable staying outside for too long.

As well as biting insects, your guests may be somewhat put off by other creepy crawlies that may become more active at night, such as spiders. Reduce the chances of any of these critters crashing your party by making use of natural ingredients which repel these creatures, as well as citronella candles. There are a number of different plants that naturally repel insects too, and you could work these into your table centerpieces and even scatter cuttings of these plants around the area too.

4 tips for hosting an outdoor party

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