The Home Renovations That Are perfect For Summer

Summer is such a glorious time, and one that was made for the beach, being outdoors, and enjoying family time and BBQs. But it is also is a great time to get some home repairs done around the house. As the weather tends to be better in the summer months, it means that there are some tasks that are best handled when there isn’t ice, rain, wind, or snow to get in the way!

Home repairs can be big or small, and some will obviously cost more than others. But nearly all are going to improve the look, value, and quality of your home. So using summer as a time to make any changes that need to be done, or that you want to be done, is a great time. Here are some suggestions for home improvements, that are not only the most practical options to execute over summer, but are what does actually get requested most over summer. What will you be changing first?



Jet Washing

While this isn’t anything big, costly, or time-consuming, it is a great thing to do when the weather is good. Using a jet washer (or pressure washer as some people call it), on the outside of your home, as well as on patios and driveways can get it all looking like new. It can lift off dirt and grime that otherwise wouldn’t come away. As a result, can brighten the look of your home and outside space.

Roof Repairs

If you’ve got loose tiles or a damaged roof, then it makes sense to look at any roof repairs, or even a roof replacement when it is not going to cause a lot of damage to the rest of the house. Everyone would freeze if you took the roof off in winter, right? It is generally considered best to get a professional in to look at roofing, as they have the right safety equipment for being on top of a roof. This will be one of their most popular requests during summer, though. So start getting quotes now if that is what you’re after.

New Windows

Like with a roof, it follows that windows are better to be replaced when the weather is better. It could be that you want to get some double glazing as you don’t currently have any. It could also be that you want to get darker aluminium frames instead of UPVc, for example. Windows can be quite costly up front, but they do make a difference to the energy efficiency of the home.


If you have an outside space, then being able to make the most of it will make a difference. For many people, decking is preferred over landscaping, simply as it makes the space more usable. New decking can cost around $1000 to install, depending on the size you go for. It can be something that you do yourself, though.

Have you got any plans to make changes over the summer? It would be great to hear.

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