9 Small Home Improvement Ideas to Do During Quarantine

Do you want to do something productive while stuck at home? Here are some home improvement ideas that you can try during the quarantine.

By now, you’ve probably already done a lot of things to keep yourself occupied while stay-at-home guidelines are imposed.

However, binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix or cooking every viral recipe on the Internet can get old after some time. If you want to do something more productive, why not make some home improvements?

Since you’re already stuck at home, sprucing your space up can kill boredom and make your house nicer to live in.

Here are some simple home improvement ideas that you can try:

Home improvement ideas to try at home

home improvement idea - declutter your home

1. Do a major purge

Now that you have all the time in the world, there are no excuses to put off decluttering your house again. Doing a major purge will not only free up more space in your house, but it will also make your home easier to clean and organize.

Apart from that, having less stuff in the house helps reduce stress, save money, decrease anxiety, and get rid of allergens.

Here are some tips to reduce the clutter in your home:

  • Have a yard sale
  • Donate items you no longer use (they should still be in good condition)
  • Use vertical storage solutions
  • Buy things you actually need
  • Invest in items with multiple uses
  • Get rid of old movies
  • Organize your mails, bills and paperwork
rearrange the furniture in your home

2. Rearrange the furniture

Have you always wanted to try a new furniture layout but didn’t have the time before the pandemic? Well then, now’s your chance. Rearrange your furniture into a new set up to give the room a fresh perspective.

Even if you’re basically just moving things around, a new layout can make the room feel brand new.

make small fixes

3. Make small fixes

The leaky faucet in the bathroom, the dirty air vent in the basement, the rattling pipe in the attic–now that you’re stuck at home, take the opportunity to fix the things that you’ve been putting off for quite some time now.

If you are trying to sell your home for fast cash, making these fixes ahead of time can make it easier to sell.

repaint your house

4. Repaint

If you have a few cans of paint lying around, why not use them to repaint your walls or give old furniture a new look?

organize your closet

5. Organize your closet

Get rid of things you no longer wear, clean the interiors, and then sort your clothes neatly. For delicate items, make sure to hang them neatly to avoid crumpling.

Jeans and other thick items can be stacked on surfaces, while seasonal clothes and items that you wear occasionally can go in the back or on the upper shelves.

While you’re at it, you can also tackle the linen closet and other storage closets in the house.

home improvement idea - clean the gutters

6. Clear your gutters

When was the last time you even checked your gutters? If it’s been a long time since you take a ladder and a leaf blower, then remove debris from your gutters.

7. Clean rarely cleaned areas or items

There are areas or items in our home that rarely get cleaned during normal times. Now that you have time to burn, you can clean:

home improvemnt idea - spruce up your lawn

8. Spruce up your lawn

If you’re just like everyone else stuck inside their homes during quarantine, then you’re probably feeling a little stir-crazy. So spend some time outside and do these things to spruce up your lawn.

9. Redecorate

Give your house a new look by redecorating with the things that you already have. Since it’s not advisable to go out just to buy new decor, you can redecorate with items that you already have at home.

Making home improvements is one of the best ways to keep yourself occupied while following stay-at-home guidelines. Apart from doing something productive, you’re also giving yourself a change of scenery by sprucing up your home.


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  1. Alicia Hursley
    October 8, 2020 / 9:27 pm

    Right before the quarantine started, we had Fabulous Floors Houston out to refinish our hardwood floors. We love the look of our floors, but now being stuck inside for so many hours a day it’s obvious that other things need to change too. Thanks for sharing your ideas. We’re definitely going to rearrange our furniture tonight and see how it feels 🙂

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