Helping Your Elderly Relative Move Into Your Family Home

In later life, many of us can struggle to live with as much ease as we had before. It might be that managing a house all to ourselves is not only lonely, but quite a hard physical task.

It might be that we’ve noticed one of our own relatives going through this process, which can be quite hard-hitting, especially after the loss of their spouse, our parent or grandparent.

To this end, you may feel that moving in an elderly relative to your family home is the best step forward, giving you the tools to connect with said relative.

But also to keep an eye on them, caring for their needs, helping them enjoy more of a social experience with your family, and to cut their living costs to a significant degree, so that they might start to enjoy some of their retirement fund.

Of course, financially you may ask for a slice of the house sale, but for the most part this is something unique to your situation, so it wouldn’t be right for us to give our input.

That being said, ensuring that they feel comforted and welcomed as part of your household can be important. Let us see what that might mean, in the following words:

Their Own Space

Simply because a relative is now within your home does not mean they can be treated poorly, or that they do not deserve the same right to their own space that you may also wish for.

A loving parlour room, spare bedroom they can make their own, or a favourite armchair they can rely on will combine into them feeling more at home with you than ever. And this can also dispel any familiar friction that might naturally grow as a consequence of this.

Home Care

Home hospice care can be a great idea if helping your relative dealing with a long-term illness, or perhaps if they just need some extra concessions to live the healthiest life possible.

Additionally, it might be that ensuring you know how to care for them is aided by this platform, ensuring that you get their medications right, you ask them how they are feeling, and you are able to easily recognize changes in behaviour.

Commit Fully

Commit fully to this experience. Ensure that they are catered for, that they have full access to your amenities, that you change their resided living address on their records, that you are able to purchase the medical or helpful implements that could cause them a great quality of life.

If you have the room but not the bed, invest in that, as well as a door lock for their privacy, and allow them to decorate this part of your home. Do not treat them like a pet, but a respected part of the family.

Additionally, do not be afraid to admit if this isn’t working, or if they need further care than you can support. This can sometimes be the best means of being realistic and forthright, as a last consequence if something isn’t working out.

That being said, in most cases, you will have done something amazing for your relative via this process.

With this advice, you are certain to move an elderly relative into your family home.

help your elderly relative move into your home


  1. October 29, 2019 / 3:06 am

    We may be facing this very shortly with my husband’s parents. It will be very difficult for everyone. I appreciate having these tips to reflect on.

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