5 Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Tips For Beginners

Some people wait for the Halloween season like a kid waiting for the tooth fairy. Since they can play whoever they want to be this one time, they look forward to this worldwide fun, costume festivity.

In fact, people start thinking of costume months before the season kicks in. And why not? It’s never too early to think of Halloween costume ideas.

Whether you want to be a sexy, killer nurse, the psycho bride of Chucky, or be a zombie in Kawaii fashion, makeup goes hand in hand with your costume. After all, you’ll have to dress the part and go all-out.

It might be easy for makeup enthusiasts. But for the neophytes in the makeup department, it’s an entirely different ballgame. But don’t fret, this article can help. Here are 5 simple yet mind-blowing Halloween makeup tips you must try in the next season.

Halloween makeup tips

Make fake, realistic blood out of lipstick

Since Halloween is all about the gore and horrifying appeal, blood is a makeup staple during this season. There is a surprisingly easy fake blood technique that will last as long as your Halloween party.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for making fake blood:

How to make fake blood with lipstick

  • Grab a flat and sturdy piece of thin wood or metal plate to put your mixture in.
  • Get an old red lipstick.
  • Scrape the content of the lipstick and put it onto the plate.
  • Grab any liquid or creamy black eyeliner and put it into the lipstick. For liquid liners, only put enough to make the texture a bit mushy.
  • Then grab your liquid lip gloss and put enough to achieve a thick texture.
  • You can adjust the colour as desired. Put more lipstick if you want the blood to be brighter. Put more black eyeliner if you want it to be zombie-like blood – dark and horrendous.
  • Dip a stiff brush into the mixture and apply it on your face. Make it look natural.

Pull off a 3D wound with non-toxic glue

A 3D wound looks so real that people think you go to a professional makeup artist to achieve it. However, you can DIY this process like a breeze. By using non-toxic glue, you can get the wound of your dreams this Halloween!

fake wound makeup

How to make fake wound

  • Cut pieces of the glue and place two pieces with a space in the middle.
  • Dab some powder and cover with foundation. The foundation must be the same as your skin color.
  • Get a violet and red eye shadow and put them around the glue to achieve a bruised look.
  • Then draw the space in the middle with a black liner.
  • To make it realistic, cover with red lipstick and lip gloss, and you’re good to go!

Prep your eyebrows for a creepy look

Some Halloween makeup will require hiding your brows. For people with thick and dark eyebrows, this step is surprisingly easy, especially for beginners. All you need is a non-toxic glue, powder, and foundation.

  • Cover your brows with glue.
  • Dab with loose powder.
  • Paint with foundation and you’re done!

Create veins that pop using yarns

If you want to complete your zombie look, create realistic veins using yarns and glue.

  • Grab yarn and separate the strands.
  • Paint some eyelash glue to where you want your 3D veins.
  • Stick the yarn to the glue.
  • Add some more veins using a black liner.
  • Paint more vein touch-ups and you’re ready for the party!

Achieve Joker’s mouth slit using tissue paper

Yes, you got that right. A Joker’s mouth slit is easily achievable using lash glue, tissue paper strips, liner, and fake blood.

  • Get a single ply of tissue and cut into thin strips.
  • Place lash glue and form two slits from the sides of your mouth.
  • Place the tissue strips onto the glue.
  • Dab more glue and let it dry.
  • Use a black liner to make the slit more apparent.
  • Cover with fake blood.
diy joker's mouth slit halloween makeup tips

These are just some of the useful makeup tips for Halloween. Choose your costume and start painting!


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