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Any person can have bad hair at any time. So you have to try to keep your hair in good condition all the time. You may be making some common mistakes which gives you quite a number of challenges when it comes to your hair. Especially if you have virgin hair extensions.

So if you have virgin hair, find a way to avoid all these mistakes. Most people make these mistakes almost all the time without even realizing it. These mistakes if not controlled they will cause dryness as well as breakage thus making it worse.

If you can learn in detail, about the common mistakes you make to your hair, it will be easy to fix them. Fixing them will help you have the joy you deserve and then make your day healthy as well as gorgeous. Observe the following if you need to get rid of the same mistakes.




common hair care mistakes

1. Washing the Tangled Hair

When your hair is wet, it is normally in its weakest state. Hair will as well get tangled as you try to wash it. When brushing is done through the tangles, this can easily lead to the increase of the breakage.

So when you are done with showering, you can use your fingers to get rid of the tangles. Or you can choose to go for the wide-toothed kind of the comb. This will be very effective for the wet hair, thus it is good if you can use this.

If you happen to have virgin hair, find a way of caring for it. Learn how to wash your tangled hair, so that you can avoid all these cases.


2. Washing the Hair more Often

If you are doing the washing of your hair more often, you will be stripping the scalp off the oils that are very essential. They are good in nourishing the hair. Such kind of action tend to make your hair look bad.

Even if you are doing the washing to help your hair remain healthy and clean, this will not be all that beneficial to you. So you should wash it with a lot of care because fighting to have it clean more often will not help out.


3. Not Brushing the entire Hair

Many people tend to avoid washing their hair because they heard over-brushing will damage it. But you will not distribute oils to your whole hair when you are not brushing it. So what else can you do to care for your hair?

The best idea is, you will be required to brush your hair right from the scalp. It goes down to the end and must be done on the daily basis. In doing this daily, you will succeed in distributing the natural oils to your whole hair.


4. Forgetting About Heat Protection

The majority of people seem to use the heat to style the hair at all times. This may involve the use of the hair dryer as well as the flat iron. Apart from this, you can still use the curling iron among other methods.

Heat can lead to the dryness as well as damage of the hair. And even the act of heating the various elements that are used when wetting your hair. Here you need to let your hair dry completely when using the blow dryer. In additional to that, try to use a heat protection. This can protect the hair as you style it up with  heat.


5. Bad Drying Techniques When Using a Towel

Most hair care products are to be applied to damp hair, thus the towel drying will be useful in this case. When rubbing of the hair is done stringently, this will lead to the damaging of hair which has the strands. This can as well lead to the frizzing also dullness among the other things like hair breakage.

The best idea is blotting the hair gently and then let it to air dry little bit partially. Even if it will take little bit longer. But it will bring some good results thus making your hair healthier.

Finally, healthy hair seems to be easier for any person to style and also manage. But all this will be good to make your hair look good if it is done on regular basis. If you are committing any of the above mistakes, you can always remedy them. This shall give you the good situation to have healthier hair.

hair care mistakes


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  1. July 25, 2021 / 3:58 pm

    Useful post about hair care mistakes, It’s best to learn from other’s mistakes than to feel the urge to commit one by oneself & then think of learning. I think we’ve all made some of these mistakes to some degree or another.

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    Hey, Thanks for sharing these hair care mistakes for virgin Indian hair.

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    nice blog thanks for sharing.

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