10 Habits To Start Practising Today For A Clean Home

Habits are the things which we have practised for so long and are now part of our beings. With today’s article, we will take a look at the habits you need to start practising today if you want a clean home all the time.

No one wants to be embarrassed because their home is always messy. These practices will help you have a sparkling clean home and also give you a sense of belonging.

You need to be self disciplined and focused so you will be able to practice these habits everyday. Because when it comes to a clean home, consistency is key.

Habits for a clean home

1. Make Your Bed

Having a neatly laid bed naturally makes you feel great and on top of the world. This is one habit you need to practice for a clean home. It takes not more than 5 minutes to lay your bed immediately you wake up. But doing this will immediately make your room look pulled together. So start doing this every morning and see how much it changes things for you.

2. Tidy Up Your Bathroom

The bathroom is mostly the first place you go when you wake up every morning. You must develop the habit of cleaning your bathroom after using it. Make sure to wash and wipe the sinks.  Put the brush and other stuff you use in the bathroom at their rightful place. Practising this habit will make you feel that indeed you have a clean home.

3. Laundry

This is one of the never ending things we do at home. Having a laundry done naturally makes the home clean. Make sure that you do the laundry when you have few laundry, this will help you not feel lazy when doing your laundry. 

4. Empty Your Dishwasher Before going to Bed

If you are really determined to have a clean home then you need to practice the habit of emptying your dishwasher before you go to bed. Do it when the entire family is done eating. This practice will keep the kitchen very refreshed and also prevent pest invasion.

5. Allocating Bins

Make sure you have bins in your home. This will make for easy waste disposal. If there are no bins in the house, the home will be littered all the time, especially the kitchen.

6. Use Floor Mats

Using a floor mat is very important because the floor mat will help collect the dirt under shoes. This will reduce the dirt in the house. Make sure your family gets in the habit of wiping their shoes on the floor mat before entering a room.

7. Wipe The Counter

Get into the habit of wiping the counter after every use. This will make it sparkling clean all thew time.

8. Have enough storage

If you are determined to have a clean home, then you need a place to store everything. That way everything looks neat and organized. So get enough storage bins and containers for the home. If you don’t have storage containers, you will end up putting things just anywhere and that will make your home look disorganized.

9. Wipe The Sink

Wipe the sink after every use or at the end of the day. This will make your kitchen and bathroom look tidy all the time.

10. Remember to put things back after use

One way that our homes get messy really fast is when we leave things just lying around. Always put things back where they are supposed to be after use. Don;t wait till the end of the day before tidying up. Put things back when they are not in use.

It will be hard to have a clean home if your whole family isn’t on board the clean train. Even if you practise everything listed above, your home will still not be clean if your family is doing the opposite. So make sure to involve the whole family. It makes it easier and you will have a clean home everyday.


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