50 Habits For A Better Life

Habits For A Better Life

Having a better life is something we all desire. Although this doesn’t happen in a day, there are some activities you can include in your life everyday to help you achieve the better life you so desire.

These habits which will help improve the your well being, put your mind at ease, increase your self-love and help build your spirituality. 

50 habits to start practising for a better life

  1. Walk daily
  2. Get Sunlight 
  3. Encourage yourself daily
  4. Put yourself first 
  5. Laugh more often
  6. Forget your past
  7. Read quotes of encouragement daily
  8. Love yourself
  9. Do not smoke
  10. Take in more water
  11. Inhale lot of air
  12. Always have a positive mindset
  13. Overcome anxiety
  14. Wake up early
  15. Do not go to bed with a stressful mind
  16. Engage in daily exercise
  17. Achieve the goal for everyday
  18. Control your temper
  19. Focus on what is your business
  20. Take breaks from work
  21. Surround yourself with positive people
  22. Drink lemon tea to refresh your body
  23. Teach a walk along the beach
  24. Ignore the negative thought of others about you
  25. Relate well with everyone
  26. Do not drink alcohol
  27. Courage others
  28. Learn new words everyday
  29. Go for clinical check ups
  30. Listen to your favourite songs
  31. Read a book every month
  32. Sleep at 10:30 pm
  33. Eat a well balanced food
  34. Spend time your family
  35. Have a goal in mind for every year
  36. Watch the sun rise and the sunset
  37. Make a daily activity calendar
  38. Enjoy the company of your partner
  39. Identify your weakness and work on them
  40. Do not argue with your partner in the bedroom
  41. Engage yourself in any game of interest
  42. Take your bath twice a day
  43. Say sorry when you offend others
  44. Say words of sweetness into the ears of your partner
  45. Stop eating at night
  46. Brush your teeth twice a day
  47. Tell others when they commit a mistake
  48. Eat more fruit and vegetables of your choice
  49. Go on vacation 
  50. Visit your place of worship in due time

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