Green Decor Ideas- 18 Ways To Decorate Your Living Room With Green

Green is such a refreshing color that will make any living space relaxing and comfortable.

To decorate your living room with green, you first have to decide on the shade of green to go for. Some different shades of green you might consider include mint, lime green, sage green, bright green, light moss, or even camo green.

Once you’ve picked out the shade of green, you also have to consider what other colors you want to use with the green. This can be neutral shades like white, cream, grey or ivory.

You also have to consider which parts of the living room to use green. Below are some green decor ideas to help you decorate your living room with green.

5 Green Decor Ideas

Green walls

One way to decorate your living room with green is to go for green walls. This can be done by either using green paint or green wallpaper. You can paint the whole living room green or just choose a focal point to be green.

green living room decor ideas
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decorate with green
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Green sofa

Another green decor idea for the living room is to go for a green sofa. You can simply get a green sofa right away or if you already have a sofa which isn’t green, you can get a green sofa cover for it. This will also protect your sofa from spills and stains.

green sofa decor ideas
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Photo by roomstogo
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green sofa decor ideas
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green sofa decor ideas
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green sofa decor ideas
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green sofa decor ideas
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Green curtains

If you’ve painted your walls with a neutral color, then a green curtain will be a beautiful match for your green walls.

Green floors

You can also choose green tiles for your floors if you are going for floor tiles. If your floors aren’t green, no need to change them. You can simply use a green carpet or green area rug.

Use plants

What better way to decorate with green than the use of plants. You can simply add some plants to your living room decor to introduce in some greens.

green decor ideas
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green decor ideas
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