Should You Go Someplace Else for a Lockdown?

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The coronavirus pandemic upended our travel and vacation plans. It’s not like we want to get stuck in a country somewhere once that country or our home country announces a lockdown. Despite the easing of travel restrictions these days, people are not so keen about hopping from one country to another, following different quarantine protocols, and then spending their days locked up in their hotels.

But really now, how many lockdowns have you had since the pandemic began? Three? Four? Sometimes, even more, right? You experienced nationwide lockdowns and granular lockdowns and all the other terms they can think of. But what differentiates today’s lockdown from the one last year is the level of strictness.

Even though some parts of the world are still experiencing hard lockdowns, they weren’t as restrictive as last year. That means there’s some wiggle room for those who are already having a hard time staying at home.

Who would have thought that staying at home and working there will be such a bad idea? In the past, most people have cajoled employers into allowing them to work from home. But no thanks to the distractions, people realized that their homes are less the sanctuary they think it is because of the pandemic.

Should you go someplace else?

The question now is, if it is allowed, should you go and get locked down in someplace else? If you feel like you’re going crazy in your home and it isn’t good to get locked up there for an extended time, is staying in a resort or hotel the safer option? A long-term stay in an Airbnb will, perhaps, provide you the sense of normal that you crave.

Think of a hobby you want to do

You’ve always loved fishing, but you haven’t gone fishing in more than a year because of the pandemic. If your government has any plans of another lockdown, can you go to your favorite spot, pay for fishing charters and just spend time in the middle of the lake?

Think of a hobby or passion that you miss pursuing. There is no reason for you to lock yourself up in your room if staying someplace else is allowed.

If there’s an Airbnb for long-term rent near you, consider staying there, too. Your lockdown place doesn’t have to be somewhere far since the quarantine protocols can get complicated.

However, since you’ve been staying inside your home for the better part of the past year and a half, a change of scenery is exactly what you need. Find a place—a resort, hotel room, and fishing village—where you can spend time in.

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Pamper yourself

Say, for example, your area will go into a two-week lockdown. Won’t you want to use that time to pamper yourself? Everyone needs pampering these days more so because the pandemic has caused a lot of stress and anxiety. If you can afford it, why not stay in a resort where there are masseuse and spa services?

Assuming that these resorts have the necessary documents to continue operating during a lockdown, you should seriously think about staying in a hotel or spa resort with pampering services.

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Even just the thought of not needing to prepare your own meals will be a welcome relief to you. Sure, you may not want to mingle with massage specialists these days, but you can have someone prepare your food in a hotel. That’s more than you can ask for under the circumstances.

Find a program that works for you

There are, in fact, many types of wellness programs these days that especially cater to people who are having a hard time mentally with the pandemic.

These programs are designed to provide mental exercises to the guests. They teach them meditation and yoga. On top of that, they undergo a cleansing program where they eat organic greens and freshly pressed juices.

The facilities that offer these programs have certificates and licenses to prove their expertise. You should check those pertinent licenses before paying for their services. You wouldn’t want to spend a lockdown in a facility that will only stress you out more.

Lockdowns have been an effective way for governments to curb the spread of the coronavirus. But that doesn’t remove the fact that people are tired of it (and probably getting more tired as months go by).

Businesses have closed, and a lot of people have lost their jobs. People are tired and angry and frustrated. Those who can afford to stay someplace else during these extraordinary times should do so for their mental health.

Should You Go Someplace Else for a Lockdown?

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